Monday, 30 November 2015


Images copyright DC COMICS

Don't you just love Anniversary issues?  I know I do!
So here are some DETECTIVE COMICS covers for you to
appreciate just because they were close to hand.  Look at #572,
fourth image down (not counting the one above), which came out
in December 1986.  Difficult to believe I first read it 29 years ago -
and it's still in the same condition as when I bought it back then.
And check out #627 - bringing things nicely full circle.

Got a favourite?  Then tell us which one, Effendi!


Phil said...

Of the ones you posted Detective 500. I also liked JLA 100 that while cross over.

Kid said...

Can't remember if I've got that one - must look it up.

Rip Jagger said...

I don't own it anymore, but that 500th issue of Detective was a huge bundle of fun comics reading, truly a celebration. The artistic talent in that book is tremendous.

Rip Off

Kid said...

It's one of the few comics I don't remember buying, Rip, which is odd for me. I didn't get it when it first came out, not acquiring it 'til a good few years afterwards. I suspect I got it at a mart, or perhaps mail order, but you're right about it being a belter.

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