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Okay, you're a publisher and your next project is a book on
comics called The TOP 10 BEST COMICS Of ALL TIME.
Simple question - which comics would you pick - and why?
They can be any mix of MARVEL, DC, CHARLTON, IPC,
ODHAMSD.C. THOMSON, etc., that you like.

Go on, join in the fun!


TwoHeadedBoy said...

Been trying to put together my own personal Top 100, as a Top Ten proved impossible... Even the Top 100 is currently stuck as a Top 161! Whittling is needed, heartless whittling...

I'll be "posting" it all eventually, but seeming as you've asked, here's the Top Ten, as it stands:

10-Ogri, by Paul Sample. From the pages of Bike Magazine. I've never owned a motorbike, but still love every last blob of ink that Paul Sample drops onto paper. The Ogri strips can be read over and over and over, as there's always stuff going on in the background, one strip can have up to six different "stories" in it.

09-Sparky - Specifically the latter-day Sparky when it just went completely nuts with John Geering and Jim Petrie's stuff in particular.

08-Life In Hell by Matt Groening, the stuff he was doing before the Simpsons, during the Simpsons, and after the Simpsons went crap. Depressing yet oddly uplifting things about funny looking rabbits, fez-topped lovers and Matt's own sons, Will and Abe.

07-Buster - The first of IPC's many things, and the last one standing. More or less every IPC/Fleetway character I've ever enjoyed has been in Buster at some point, so it makes sense to rank it the highest of them all. Plus, during the late 1980s and early 1990s, Tom Paterson did amazing cover pictures for it.

06-The Dandy, up to 2004... The 1992 Summer Special was my introduction to the wonderful world of DC Thomson, and I read it every week for the next decade. Some fantastic characters obviously, and loads that the history books seem to exclude:

05-The Beezer and Topper - Being the combined title that launched in 1990 following the demise of the two, an often forgotten comic that took advantage of its "new"-ness for crazy experimentation and unhinged nuttiness, with Bob Dewar's stuff in particular worth the cover price alone. The annuals from this period went even further!

04-The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, by Gilbert Shelton - I only got into these maybe five or six years ago, but I haven't laughed so hard at anything since getting my first Viz annual. Ignores the usual "drugs humour" (weed makes me tired, ha ha ha), and instead goes for slapstick, daft punchlines, surreal fantasies and madcap epic adventures.

03-Willy The Kid, by Leo Baxendale - you already know how fantastic these books are, the first two specifically. So much going on on every page, working on these must have been a dream come true for Mr. Baxendale.

02-Viz, been reading it since before I was ten, now it's the only comic I still buy every issue of. It's mostly a parody of itself nowadays, finally succumbing to all the accusations of "It's not as funny as it used to be" (started by Mark E. Smith back in 1986, I think?), but for everything it's done in nearly 40 years, I'm willing to forgive it that much.

01-The Beano, couldn't be anything else really. From 1992 till 2002, the Beano was my life. I only "left" it for three years before picking up one in a shop out of curiosity, seeing the new Bash Street Kids stuff in there from Kev Sutherland, and getting obsessed all over again. And then going BACKWARDS, getting the annuals and so on from before I was born, I'll always have time for the Beano.

As I mentioned, there's another 151 on top of this lot - it took a LOT of fiddling and whittling to get down to just ten, bah.

Arfon Jones said...

Off the top of my head ‘Killing Joke’ is certainly one of my all time favorites, changed things for me- changed my whole outlook on Batman and the Joker an made me a life long fan of Brian Bolland. Incidentally, when I publish my ‘Top 13 comic covers of all time’. I wasn’t copying you! Alright!

Colin Jones said...

Can it be a book of our personal favourites rather than "The Best" (whatever that means). Okay - one Topper and one Beezer from between 1971-74, POTA #5, POTA #35, SMCW #103, The Titans #35, Captain Britain #1, Savage Sword of Conan weekly #2, The Complete FF #13, Conan The Barbarian (U.S.) #62.

Kid said...

Oh, go on, THB - let's see the other ones on your list.


AJ, that's a post I'd like to see.


It's your opinion of what's 'best', CJ. Now tell us 'why'.

Colin Jones said...

Easy, Kid - those 10 are the ones I would choose to represent my childhood comic reading. If an 11th could be included I'd choose Savage Sword of Conan (UK monthly) #8 because I bought it on the same day that I went to see Star Wars - May 30th 1978.

TwoHeadedBoy said...

Pulled my leg, it'll probably be a few years before I get around to it at the rate I'm going, bah...

01-The Beano [DC Thomson, 1938, UK]
02-Viz [Various, 1979, UK]
03-Willy the Kid [Leo Baxendale, 1976, UK]
04-The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers [Gilbert Shelton, 1968, USA]
05-Beezer & Topper [DC Thomson, 1990, UK]
06-The Dandy [DC Thomson, 1937, UK]
07-Buster [IPC, 1960, UK]
08-Life In Hell [Matt Groening, 1977, USA]
09-Sparky [DC Thomson, 1965, UK]
10-Ogri [Paul Sample, 1971, UK]

11-Zap Comix [Various, 1968, USA]
12-Whizzer & Chips [IPC, 1969, UK]
13-Maakies [Tony Millionaire, 1994, USA]
14-Peanuts [Charles Schultz, 1950, USA]
15-Knockabout [Knockabout Comics, 1980, UK]
16-Asterix [René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo, 1959, France]
17-Wham! [Odhams, 1964, UK]
18-Calvin & Hobbes [Bill Watterson, 1985, USA]
19-Frank [Jim Woodring, 1994, USA]
20-Sonic The Comic [Fleetway, 1993, UK]

21-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, 1984, USA]
22-Electric Soup [Various, 1989, UK]
23-Mickey Mouse [Floyd Gottfredson, 1930, USA]
24-MAD Magazine [Various, 1952, USA]
25-Krazy Kat [George Herriman, 1913, USA]
26-Calculus Cat [Hunt Emerson, 1987, UK]
27-Shiver and Shake [IPC, 1973, UK]
28-Cheech Wizard [Vaughn Bode, 1967, USA]
29-Maus [Art Spiegelman, 1991, USA]
30-Little Nemo in Slumberland [Winsor McCay, 1905, USA]

31-UT [Various, 1991, UK]
32-Tank Girl [Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin, 1988, UK]
33-Flook [Wally Fawkes, 1949, UK]
34-The Topper [DC Thomson, 1953, UK]
35-Russell: The Saga of a Peaceful Man, Part 2 [Pete Loveday, 1993, UK]
36-Fungus the Bogeyman [Raymond Briggs, 1977, UK]
37-Oink! [Fleetway, 1986, UK]
38-Moomin [Tove Jansson, 1947, Finland]
39-2000 AD [Fleetway, 1977, UK]
40-Count Screwloose of Tooloose [Milt Gross, 1929, USA]

41-Thimble Theatre [E.C. Segar, 1919, USA]
42-Cor!! [IPC, 1970, UK]
43-National Lampoon Presents French Comics (The Kind That Men Like) [Various, 1977, USA]
44-Oor Wullie [Dudley D. Watkins, 1936, UK]
45-Edika [Edika, 1981, France]
46-Zig & Zag's Zogazine [Fleetway, 1994, UK]
47-The Cartoon History of the Universe [Larry Gonick, 1977, USA]
48-Groo the Wanderer [Sergio Aragones, 1982, USA]
49-Firkin [Hunt Emerson, 1980, UK]
50-Brain Damage [Various, 1989, UK]

51-When The Wind Blows [Raymond Briggs, 1982, UK]
52-Krazy [IPC, 1976, UK]
53-Wonder Wart-Hog [Gilbert Shelton, 1962, USA]
54-If... [Steve Bell, 1981, UK]
55-Nasty Tales [Various, 1971, UK]
56-The Beezer [DC Thomson, 1956, UK]
57-R. Crumb's Carload O'Comics [R. Crumb, 1976, USA]
58-Phenomenomix [Hunt Emerson, 1978, UK]
59-Escape [Various, 1983, UK]
60-Gas [Various, 1989, UK]

61-Nutty [DC Thomson, 1980, UK]
62-Human Soup [Jerzy H. Szostek, 1982, UK]
63-Jazz Funnies [Hunt Emerson, 1986, UK]
64-The Adventures of Tintin [Herge, 1929, Belgium]
65-Nuts [Gahan Wilson, 1970, USA]
66-Cheeky Weekly [IPC, 1977, UK]
67-The Broons [Dudley D. Watkins, 1936, UK]
68-Talking Turkey [Various, 1991, UK]
69-Khaki Shorts [Various, 1999, UK]
70-Bone [Jeff Smith, 1991, USA]

71-The Ren & Stimpy Show [Marvel, 1994, UK]
72-Odd Bodkins [Dan O'Neill, 1964, USA]
73-Elephant Parts [Various, 1992, UK]
74-Not Quite Dead [Gilbert Shelton, 1993, USA]
75-Beavis & Butt-Head [Marvel, 1994, UK]
76-Lady Chatterly's Lover [Hunt Emerson, 1986, UK]
77-Junkwaffel [Vaughn Bode, 1971, USA]
78-Pie [Steven Cerio, 1996, USA]
79-The Snowman [Raymond Briggs, 1978, UK]
80-Monster Fun [IPC, 1975, UK]

81-Scream! [Fleetway, 1984, UK]
82-Smash! [Odhams, 1966, UK]
83-Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles Adventures [Fleetway, 1990, UK]
84-Skank [Various, 1994, UK]
85-Cherry [Larry Welz, 1982, USA]
86-Poot! [Various, 1985, UK]
87-Gutted [Various, 1992, UK]
88-The Apex Treasury of Underground Comics [Apex Novelties, 1974, USA]
89-Father Christmas [Raymond Briggs, 1973, UK]
90-Naughty Bits [Roberta Gregory, 1991, USA]

TwoHeadedBoy said...

And the rest!

91-Whoopee! [IPC, 1974, UK]
92-Oh, Wicked Wanda! [Frederic Mullally and Ron Embleton, 1969, UK]
93-Johnny the Homicidal Maniac [Jhonen Vasquez, 1995, USA]
94-cOZmic Comics [Various, 1972, UK]
95-Filth! [Rob Filth, 1988, UK]
96-Angry Youth Comix [Johnny Ryan, 1994 , USA]
97-National Lampoon Comics [Various, 1974, USA]
98-The Giant Holiday Fun Comic Album [Hawk Comics, 1989, UK]
99-The Big Book of Everything [Hunt Emerson, 1983, UK]
100-Bode's Erotica [Vaughn Bode, 1969, USA]

101-Acne [Various, 1991, UK]
102-Suckle [Dave Cooper, 1996, USA]
103-Pinocchio [Winshluss, 2011, UK]
104-Lucky Luke [Maurice De Bevere, 1946, Belgium]
105-The Upside Downs of Little Lady Lovekins and Old Man Muffaroo [Gustave Verbeek, 1903, USA]
106-Crisis [Fleetway, 1988, UK]
107-Dope Fiend Funnies [Various, 1974, UK]
108-Hoot! [DC Thomson, 1985, UK]
109-ToXic! [Various, 1991, UK]
110-Issue 2 [Various, 1987, UK]

111-Bucky O'Hare [Larry Hama and Michael Golden, 1984, USA]
112-Streetcomix [Various, 1976, UK]
113-Plug [DC Thomson, 1977, UK]
114-Bloody Hell! [Various, 1992, UK]
115-Eyeball Comix [Various, 2009, UK]
116-Blag [Various, 1990, UK]
117-Polstar [Simon Léturgie and Jean Léturgie, 1996, France]
118-Deadline [Various, 1988, UK]
119-Thunderdogs [Hunt Emerson, 1981, UK]
120-Sheriff Lobey Dosser of Carlton Creek [Bud Neill, 1949, UK]

121-Things and Stuff [Doctor Simpo, 2004, UK]
122-Adroit [Various, 1991, UK]
123-Zip Comics [Various, 1973, UK]
124-Betsy's Buddies [Harvey Kurtzman and Sarah Downs, 1988, USA]
125-Air Pirates Funnies [Air Pirates, 1971, USA]
126-The Bedsit Journal [Various, 2005, UK]
127-Paper Tiger Comix [Various, 2004, UK]
128-Comic Relief Comic [Various, 1991, UK]
129-Breakdown [Lee James Turnock, 2003, UK]
130-Boris the Bear [Dark Horse, 1986, USA]

131-Pulp [Various, 1991, UK]
132-Newave! The Underground Mini Comix of the 1980s [Fantagraphics, 2010, USA]
133-Monkey Nuts [The Etherington Brothers, 2008, UK]
134-Blast! [Various, 1991, UK]
135-Pilgrim & Son in The Festival Ritual [Hunt Emerson, 2005, UK]
136-MAX Overload [Dark Horse, 1994, UK]
137-Goofy Funnies [Dexter Cockburn, 1980, Canada]
138-Trim [Aaron Lange, 2013, USA]
139-The Worm [Various, 1999, UK]
140-Plop! [DC Comics, 1973, USA]

141-Monster In My Pocket [Harvey Comics, 1991, USA]
142-Hoof Hearted [Various, 1994, UK]
143-Spitting Image: The Giant Komic Book [Various, 1988, UK]
144-The Mammoth Book of Best Horror Comics [Various, 2008, UK]
145-Get Lost! [Ross Andru and Mike Esposito, 1954, USA]
146-Gladhand Comix [Jay Bee, 2013, Canada]
147-Mother Goose and Grimm [Mike Peters, 1981, USA]
148-Cosmic [Take a Break, 1997, UK]
149-Garfield [Jim Davis, 1978, USA]
150-The Bad Eggs [Bob Layton, 1996, USA]

And then there's these which I somehow forgot about and need to squeeze in somewhere:

-Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror [Bongo Comics, 1995, USA]
-Bijou Funnies [Kitchen Sink, 1968, USA]
-Captain Star [Steven Appleby, 1984, UK]
-Lullabies from Hell [Hideshi Hino, 2006, Japan]
-Peter Pan [Regis Loisel, 1990, France]
-Pow! [Odhams, 1967, UK]
-Quest for the Gloop [Helen Nicoll & Jan Pienkowski, 1979, UK]

Steven Docker said...

Sorry, can't limit myself to 10 - how about 12 …

1. Lion - Always has been (I hope it always will be) my favourite comic *ever*. Was the first comic I ever collected and stored away safely.

2. The Mighty Crusaders (also The Fly and Fly Man). It's about 1967 and we're on holiday near Great Yarmouth. Between caravan and beach was a newsagent where I discovered these aged 7. I only had 4 issues but for years and years they were my greatest treasure.

3. New Gods / Mr. Miracle / The Forever People - My first exposure to Jack Kirby.

4. Valiant / Smash - surrogate Lions.

5. Fantastic / Teriffic - Introduced me to Marvel comics, and "bloody hell" you can get them every week (well, for just over a year, anyway)!

6. Superman/Action comic - Ah! the joys of running to the local newsagent, pocket money in hand, wondering what the spinner racks would hold …

7. Green Lantern / The Flash / Justice League of America (for when there were no new Superman/ Action issues to be had).

8. Dandy. (Sadly, never seemed to enjoy the Beano at all).

9. Sparky. Yes, I absolutely love Sparky. It always seemed to come out on a wierd day - Friday!

10. Countdown / TV Tornado / TV21. Wow! Someone is making comics that have all my favourite TV shows (especailly if they're Irwin Allen TV shows and Star Trek)

11. The Victor / The Hotspur. Grew up at a time when the WWII was still not that far in the past so it was inevitable I would come to like these. Uncles and Aunts always bought me the annuals for Christmas and that's how I got introduced to the comics.

12. Whizzer and Chips. Two comics in one. I'm a kid with pocket money. What's not to like!

Of course, the reason my list has these comics in it is that these were what were available in the one or two shops I had access to.


Paul McScotty -Muir said...

A difficult one but my 10 favourite personal SINGLE issue are:

Conan the Barbarian – 26
The first Conan and first Barbarian comic I bought and was blown away Thomas and John Buscema at their creative height – I think I picked this up at same time as Kull issue 9

Kull the Conqueror issue 9
I remember picking this up on a family holiday in Blackpool – loved the John Severin art and a really good story – this is such an underrated series

Hulk 136
Klaatu! The Behemoth From Outer Space – This was the first Hulk comic I ever bought – just a great read to 10 year old me (it also hadt he Abomination one of my favourite villains)

Avengers – 96
The Andromeda swarm – Part of the amazing Kree-Skrull War storyline with Roy Thomas and Neal Adams at his best (another great Adams splash page of a space ship taking off) what’s not to like

Justice League of America 94 (vol1)
This issue featured a really amazing Neal Adams splash page of Sensei the leader of the League of Assassins (and 4 other pages of the great man’s work) with the almost equally talented Dick Dillon drawing the bulk of the comic – it was just a magical fanboy tale with Deadman appearing also (a character I was just barely aware of at this time) It also had a few great golden age back up strips – It also brings back memories of my Dad who bought this issue for me and we had a cuppa tea and a fun chat etc

Silver Surfer 12
I was pretty young when I read this comic and it was probably aimed more at older teenagers (than a 10 year old) but I really dug in (man) To be fair this was probably the best issue from the Surfers initial series – this had the Abomination in it as well ( a great fight scene helped) as did great the John Buscema art

The Mighty Crusaders - 4
I remember my mum getting me this (and a few other Mighty comics – all very cheap as I recall) when I was only about 7 years old – I had never heard of this comic before (let’s face it at 7 years old I had hardly head of anyone outside Superman and Batman) as awful a comic as this is now I loved it as a kid with all the heroes I had never heard of - this was the comic that probably started it all off for me.

E -man issue 2
E-man was such a fresh fun character and this was the first issue I picked up loved the idea and Joe Statons art –Ive picke dup just about every Eman comic since then

Swamp Thing vol1 number 8
I had never seen anything like this before it seemed t so grown up to me at the time and Bernie Wrightson’s art was amazing

Brave and the Bold 99
The first time I saw Jim Aparo’s art – a great tale where Bat-Man is shot and has to undergo an operation (was better that it sounds honest) plus a brilliant Neal Adams “Deadman” backup tale (bit of a pattern here)

Kid said...

I didn't see Star Wars until after the sequel was out, but I guess I'd associate it with Starburst #1, because it featured on the cover, CJ.


That's surely every comic ever published, THB. Okay, I know it isn't, but if that many comics were on sale in this country today, we'd maybe have an industry. I was really thinking of specific issue numbers rather than series, so your mission now, if you choose to accept it, is to pick an issue from each title. (Okay then - just your top 10 favourites.)


Excellent choices, SD, a lot of them would be on my list as well. Did you get The Best of The Hotspur Annual last year, by any chance?


Although I bought Silver Surfer #12 right off the spinner rack in 1973 or '74 in Blackpool (which still had many late '60s U.S. comics on sale 'brand new' back then), I'd first seen part of the tale in in an issue of TV21 around 1971, McScotty. A great little tale. I agree with you about the Kull the Conqueror series.

Phil said...

You're trying to start some sort of flame war are you? Ten comics..
I'm doing it in chronological order.
Little Nemo by Winsor McKay
Krazy Kat by Herriman
Popeye by Segar
The Spirit by Eisner. The Bring in Sand Saref two issue.
Batman 35. Batman on dinosaur island. Have to get a Dick Sprang issue in. I think it's him.
Tin tin by hergé. Destination Moon.
Flash 123. Intro of earth 2 and infantino Art.
Spider- man 33.
Red Nails Conan by Barry Smith.
Dan Dare.

Blimey ten already and I'm not done

Kid said...

Well, just you carry on, Phil, and list some more. I don't mind. I only made it 10 to focus your minds.

TC said...

personal favorites:

Huckleberry Hound #19 (Gold Key, Jan. 1963)
Daffy Duck #36 (Gold Key, Feb. 1964)
Uncle Scrooge #49 (Gold Key, May 1964)
Walt Disney's Comics & Stories #284 (Gold Key, May 1964)
Justice League of America #45 (DC, April 1966)
Green Lantern #44 (DC, 1966)
Inferior Five #1 (DC, 1966-67)
Batman #198 (DC, 1968)
World's Finest Comics #179 (DC, 1968)
Tarzan # 167 (Gold Key, May 1967)

Honorable mentions:
Marvel Super-Heroes Special #1 (Oct. 1966)
Spirit #4 and #12 (Kitchen Sink, 1984 and '85)
Shazam and the Shazam Family Annual #1 (DC, 2002)
Batman #164 and/or Detective Comics #327 (introduced the New Look)
Batman #251 and Detective Comics #395 (helped re-introduce the Dark Knight image)
Spirit #52 (Kitchen Sink, 1989) (reprints the "Sand Saref" classics)
John Law, Detective one-shot (Eclipse, April 1983) reprints unpublished Eisner comic
any of the 1980's Gladstone reprints of Disney comics

Kid said...

Some good ones there, TC - I've got a few of them, either in original or reprint form.

Christopher Nevell said...

The Topper & Buzz
Whizzer and Chips
Spider-Man Comics Weekly (per Glossy)
Revolver (Dare!)
Seven (sheer quality nursery title)
Complete Fantastic Four (before the Invaders invaded)
The Avengers Weekly (to No.27 before Shang Chi)

Kid said...

I remember Buzz, Chris, and buying the first issue in particular. Those tabloid-sized comics published by DCT must have sold well at one time, which is probably why Fleetway released The Big One and Jag (although they pre-dated Buzz). I'm surprised that MWOM isn't on anyone's list - or did I miss it?

Paul McScotty- Muir said...

Ah well if its top 10 titles as opposed to single issue comics or series my top 10 would include MWOM but probably harder to pin this list down for me than individual issues as so many great runs, So I wont try (well I did try but got to difficult as kept adding titles)

I loved TwoHeadedBoys list some corkers in there including Emerson Thunderdogs, Plop and anything by Vaughn Bode etc

DeadSpiderEye said...

It's a tricky task, most successful titles have had long runs and varied in quality. The other thing that makes it tricky is that the medium is so vast and has such a legacy of innovation. To be sure, comics have led the way is many areas of popular culture, sometime pre-empting mainstream trends by decades. My list is of favourites, I'm not sure if many of 'em represent the best. They are in no particular order:

Delirius, Lone Slone
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
The Dark Knight Returns
The Nerves/Frankie Stein (yeah I know that's not a single comic)
Death Note
Planet of the Apes (Alfredo Alcala, Ploog, et al - not the Killraven stuff)


I would mention TV21, Deadline and The Maxx too.

Kid said...

I've got the first 3 issues of Plop!, McS - I think I posted them a while back. MWOM #1 is a cracker of a comic.


I only recognize a few of the ones on your list, DSE, but they're good ones. Obviously, when I say 'best', I mean whichever ones you perceive as best.

Paul McScotty- Muir said...

Actually I really should have added MWOM issue 1 to my top 10 list as MWOM is probably my all time favourite comic

Kid said...

It's definitely one of mine, McS. It was probably unfair to tie it down to 10 comics, because I'm not sure I could pick just 10. And I suppose there's a difference between 'best' and 'favourite'.

Paul McScotty- Muir said...

I think if I was doing the best comics it would be mostly early Kirby Fantastic Four and Thor, Ditko and Romita's Spider-man , Ditkos Dr Strange , Colan on Daredevil/ Dracula ,Neal Adams Green Lantern, Eisners Spirit, Jeff Smiths Bone, early Mad , and if allowed Calvin and Hobbes etc

Kid said...

But you'd have to pick ONE best one from each title. Or, at least, if more than one issue of the same title, no more than 10 comics in all. (Even 'though that's really an impossible task.)

Paul McScotty- Muir said...

Boooooooom! that's my head exploding! That's really why I didn't add any UK comics to my list as hard to pick issue date 10 October 1971 etc. OK here goes:

Green lantern issue 85 Snowbirds don't fly (Adams)
Spider-man 33 - the Final chapter (Ditko)
Spider-man 36 - When falls the Meteor (Ditko)
Spider-man 50 "Spider-man no more"
Spider-man 122 " the Goblins last stand" (Romita)

Strange Tales - origin of Dr STRANGE (can't recall the issue)
Dr Strange - Issue 4 2nd series( Frank Brunner art )

ARGGH too difficult I want to add a Ditko Spidey tale that was about a boxer (I can't recall the tale or issue) , then I thought of Hulk and JLA stories and I'm not even looking at Thor or FF :( BOOOMMM! (again!)

Kid said...

"Just a Guy Named Joe!" - ASM #38 (Ditko's final ish) is the one you're thinking of, McS. "The Origin of Dr. Strange!" was in Strange Tales #115. Yup, I should've given us all a better chance and made it 20 issues - but that still wouldn't be enough.

TwoHeadedBoy said...

DeadSpiderEye, another Ogri fan! Great stuff :)

Kid, it's not quite every comic ever published - no Marvel or DC stuff (except stuff they've licensed), no Commando, only one Manga... Limited it to my favourites rather than "the best", it had to be done! Had a hard time deciding what counted as a "comic" as well. Newspaper strips I allowed, but not single panel stuff. I love Gary Larson's Far Side, for example, but chose not to include it. I've seen similar lists including stuff by Edward Gorey, which I also like, but then if I included his stuff then I'd have to expand to include picture books in general... And then it'd end up with Richard Scarry in the top ten, what a mess!

Kid said...

The definition of comics I had in mind, THB, was a weekly or monthly periodical, not graphic novels, albums, newspaper strips, etc. Still interesting to see your choices 'though.

Dougie said...

This is quite tricky. For reasons of pure nostalgia and in no particular order:

1) Dr Who Weekly
2) The Topper
3) Countdown
4) TV Tornado
5) Super DC
7) Savage Sword of Conan (UK Monthly)
8) Captain Britain weekly
9) The Avengers weekly

Kid said...

All strong contenders, Dougie. I used to letter for Revolver, but, curiously, have no real nostalgic attachment to it.

Christopher Nevell said...

Which strip(s) Kid?

Kid said...

Purple Days is the one I recall, but there may have been others - can't remember offhand.

John Pitt said...

OK, I'm very late to the party, but I'd have to make it 2 lists, one UK and one US. These are my nominations for the ten BEST comics ever:-
UK - Dandy, Beano, Eagle, Lion, Valiant, Wham, Smash, TV21, 2000AD & Viz.
( But for my own personal favourites, substitute Eagle, Lion & Viz for Beezer, Fantastic & POTA )
US - Superman, Batman, WFC, Flash, GL, TAS-M, TIH, The FF, The Avengers & The X- Men.
( Again, swap Flash and GL for Metal Men and Doom Patrol for my own choices )

Kid said...

It's okay, JP, the party's still in full swing. I'd have thought TV21 would be your all-time favourite.

John Pitt said...

I didn't put them in any order of preference, but you're right about TV21 being my #1!

Kid said...

That mind-reading correspondence course was worth its weight in gold.

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