Saturday, 10 October 2015


Images copyright D.C. THOMSON & Co., Ltd

As I was preparing the covers for this post, I was
listening to a radio programme about something-or-other and
heard someone say "That's the crunch of the matter!"  How apt
is that, eh?  And so we return to The CRUNCH Cover Gallery,
featuring the DCT comic which lasted for 54 issues from 1979
to 1980.  Similar in some respects (if you squint a bit) to IPC's
2000 A.D. (especially its use of the term "thrill-power"),
you'd have thought it would've lasted  longer.

Some people no doubt think I don't include enough info
about the comics I feature, but comics are a visual medium,
and I prefer to let the images speak for themselves.  Whenever
I'm perusing other blogs, I'd rather see good-quality pictures of
comics from the past, and bring my own thoughts, memories and
associations to the table, than have someone witter on about
things I already know.  Besides, sometimes there's no new
facts I can add, so I tend not to bother trying.

Anyway, here are some nice covers for you to look at.
Wanna see more?  Then let me know, frantic ones!


Phil said...

Dont remember this title. I so remember Roy of the Rovers who always kicked the ball with both feet off the ground but I don't recall the title of the comic. I don't know why but apart from the funny books and war comics! by the time I was reading British comics most the good stuff by Hampson and Frank Bellamy had ceased to be published and football comics just weren't as exciting as super heroes. Plus of course the American books were aimed at an older audience which made them more readable as you grew up.

Kid said...

Roy started in Tiger, but got his own comic sometime in the '70s, Phil.

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