Tuesday, 27 October 2015


Images copyright DC COMICS

And now, for your pleasurable perusal, the final six covers
of writer/artist WALTER SIMONSON's ORION series by
DC COMICS.  Walter had a long and successful run on THOR
over at MARVEL, so it was only fitting that, having worked on
an 'old' god, he should have a go on a 'new' one, even 'though,
this time around, it was for only 25 issues.

Anyway, there's no point padding out this preamble any further
when these cataclysmic covers are crying out for your attention,
so I'll shut up now and let you get on with enjoying them.


UPDATE:  I've just read the entire run over the last few
nights and quite enjoyed them.  I remembered the early ones, but
not so many of the later issues and I wonder if that's because, having
missed #14 for some reason, I perhaps bought the subsequent issues
without reading them.  As I recently acquired the missing ish, that was
no longer a problem, so I started at the beginning (as you would) and
worked my way through to the end.  Issue #5 was a major disappoint-
ment, being mainly a wordless battle issue and, good as Simonson is,
he's no JACK KIRBY when it comes to staging page-after-page of
extended fight scenes in a clear, coherent, and effective manner.
I had to look twice far too many times to work out exactly
what was happening from panel to panel.

Another problem is that JOHN WORKMAN Jr.'s uniform,
one-style-fits-all sound effects are intrusive, seemingly pasted
at random over the artwork, rather than being sympathetic to the
panel composition and complementing the action.  They look as if
they're sitting above the art, rather than being part of it.  A bit
more variety in style and shape would've worked wonders.

All in all 'though, a good read.  If there's a collected
edition, it'd be worth adding to your bookshelf.

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