Monday, 26 October 2015


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Believe it or not, we're now at the halfway mark of MARVEL
U.K.'s 1975/'76 weekly periodical The SUPER-HEROES cover
gallery - only another 25 issues to go and then another brief slice of
the sizzlin' '70s will be over.  Strange how something which occupied
such a short period of my youth seems, in memory, to have been
around for far longer than it actually was, eh?

One of the great things I enjoyed about this mag was seeing
reprints of the early X-MEN stories, as it reminded me of one
of my favourite comics of the 1960s, FANTASTIC, where I'd first
read them.  That had been a mere eight years or so before, a period
which, today, seems to pass faster than a fart from The FLASH
(or perhaps I should say QUICKSILVER in this instance),
but back then it was practically half my life away.

Anyway, I know that you don't drop in to read anything I
have to say, so let's get to the good stuff.  Did you buy this mag
at the time?  If so, share your nostalgic reminiscences about it in
the captivating comments section.  Go on, your fellow Criv-ites
are in urgent need of something interesting to read.


Colin Jones said...

The character of Shalla-Bal in the Silver Surfer makes no sense whatsoever - when we first meet the Surfer in the FF he's supposed to have been Galactus' herald for eons but Shalla-Bal doesn't look a day older than when the Surfer left her behind on Zenn-La which suggests to me that he's been a herald for a couple of years at most. I remember Day Of The Triffids in POTA - I don't suppose it was much like the novel though (I haven't read the novel but it was serialized on Radio 4 Extra). And that advert for the apes roadshow must be the time when they appeared on TV on a show called Runaround (or something) presented by Mike Reid (the comedian and later an actor on Eastenders) but I missed the first ten minutes of the show and so I missed the apes' appearance - I was bitterly disappointed.

Kid said...

Actually, CJ, that was never a problem for me. I assumed that the Surfer was made practically immortal in the process that Galactus subjected him to. Therefore, because of space/time warps, the Surfer, if he were to go back to Zenn-La, would simply return to the timeline of whatever Galaxy the planet inhabits. If I understand the ramifications of Einstein's theory of relativity correctly, if you were to go into space for 20 years, travelling at the speed of light, when you returned to Earth 20 years later, you'd find that hundreds of years had passed on Earth. Therefore, through some weird process of the 'power cosmic', it works in reverse in the Surfer's case.

Colin Jones said...

Kid, you should have been the writer on the Silver Surfer - I seriously doubt Stan Lee ever thought about the theory of relativity !

Kid said...

Oh, I dunno - he gave his brother a job. (Little joke there.) The problem was, CJ, that Jack Kirby obviously envisioned the Surfer as a created being, with no history before Galactus, whereas Stan Lee felt that readers would relate to him more if he had made some kind of noble, quasi-religious sacrifice. Which concept was best? I'll leave people to make up their own minds.

baab said...

This was a good comic for a while.
I like the help with pronunciation of Ka-Zar in that X-men strip.
I must have read that at the time,corrected my young brother for saying it wrongly (ca(r) tzar)and then
just pronounced it the same way as him (ca(r) tzar) until I re-read this yesterday!

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