Friday, 9 October 2015


In 1983, The MAN From U.N.C.L.E. returned in
a TV movie called 'The FIFTEEN-YEARS-LATER
AFFAIR'.  ROBERT VAUGHN reprised his star role of
as sidekick ILYA KURYAKIN.  However, there was a little
surprise in that GEORGE LAZENBY also turned up as
'J.B.' - trying to sound a bit like SEAN CONNERY
if my aged ears aren't playing tricks on me.

That means there were three actors playing 007
that year - MOORE in OCTOPUSSY, Connery in
NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN, and Lazenby on the
telly.  In case you're wondering what the connection is,
JAMES BOND creator IAN FLEMING also came
up with the name of Napoleon Solo.

Watch the clip and have some fun!


SCOOP said...

It's years since I've seen this movie, but from what I remember I quite enjoyed it. The late Pat Macnee was a good choice as the new UNCLE boss.

Kid said...

You can see the whole movie (in HD) on YouTube, Scoop. I haven't seen it since it was first shown on TV, so I plan on watching it again soon.

Andrew kerr said...

Set the sights on your UNCLE special low before you re-watch it : )

Kid said...

Don't worry, AK, I still remember how disappointing it was at the time.

DeadSpiderEye said...

It looks kinda crummy a sedate car chase round a car park but they did junk a few cars, I suppose that's what the budget went on, because they couldn't even afford to re shoot the stuff with camera bouncing around on the bonnet. The Union Plaza got a decent plug for Sorry Wrong Husband, I think I'd rather watch that.

Kid said...

Lazenby's part seems to have been stretched a bit by repeat shots of him looking behind him, so the pacing was a bit slow for an action scene. Should've been shorter and quicker.

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