Monday, 5 October 2015


Images copyright D.C. THOMSON & Co., Ltd

Anyone recall this blast from the past?  I think it was one of the
few times I ever bought The HORNET, and it was mainly because
I foolishly believed that observance of this free gift's contents would
transform me into the Scottish equivalent of CLARK KENT's alter-
ego.  I eagerly anticipated being the envy of my friends and the ob-
ject of rampant lust amongst the female populace of my town.

Thinking back now, there was no chance I'd ever be able to
swim farther - mainly because I can't swim!  Run faster?  Scratch
that one off the list as well.  Jump higher?  Nope!  Box better?  Only
if it's putting something in a box.  Come to think of it, I may have a
claim against DCT for false advertising, as  I was every bit as
much of a wimp at the 'after' stage as I was at the 'before'.

So I was never destined to be a 'Super Boy', but I was a real
'Boy Wonder'.  People used to look at me and wonder if I was a
real boy!  (Boom-boom!  The old ones are the best!)


Paul McScotty- Muir said...

I ve seen that cover before but thought it was a "free" gift or insert - was this an actual book?

For your info as a UK comic collector (any any other locals): I was in the West End (Glasgow) at the weekend and popped into City Centre Comics and picked up a couple of nice early 70s comics - anyway in one of the shops that sells general old stuff (think that's the technical name for it) they had a big batch of 70s Hornets ( and Warlords with a few Lions, Busters etc and lots of Bullets in another (charity) shop on Byres road.

Kid said...

It was a 48 page booklet, McScotty, around A5 size, given away with The Hornet in approximately 1971. Thanks for the info on the comics. I won't be in Glasgow for about another 10 days or so, so they'll probably be gone by then. Hopefully another Scottish Criv-ite can pick up a bargain.

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