Friday, 3 July 2015


Images copyright MARVEL COMICS

Here's the last part (for the present) of our MIGHTY WORLD
Of MARVEL cover gallery.  I have to admit that Marvel's British
mags were often not quite of the same finished standard as those of
IPC or DCT, and looked as if they needed a bit more care lavished
on them at the preparation stage;  the results seemed a bit hurried
at times and somewhat lacklustre, presentation-wise.  However,
when they got it right, there was nothing to touch them.

So here's a further flurry of comic covers and contents for
you to dribble and drool over, O mental Marvel maniacs!


Colin Jones said...

MWOM merged with The Avengers which had merged with Savage Sword Of Conan, sigh. And Sgt. Fury was in MWOM then went off to be in 'Fury' which was soon cancelled and Sgt. Fury returned to MWOM now called The Mighty World Of Marvel Starring The Incredible Hulk And Fury - yep, the bonkers world of Marvel UK.

Kid said...

I think that's why Dez Skinn changed its name to just Marvel Comic - to simplify things for confused readers. Marvel Comic, Spider-Man Comic, Hulk Comic, etc. That way, it does what it says on the tin.

Colin Jones said...

And Marvel Comic folded just 6 months later so that was a great success !

Kid said...

You never know, CJ - that could have extended its lifespan by another few months. Dez was brought in because the titles were already ailing anyway, hence him revamping the comics all across the board. Simplifying the names was just a part of that.

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