Thursday, 2 July 2015


Images copyright MARVEL COMICS

This post inaugurates a new approach to the scans you'll see on
this blog in future.  Hitherto, I scanned the majority of images at 150%,
but I've decided it takes too long and probably also far too much space in
my files and folders, so from now on (unless it's a really small image that
needs enlarged), I'm going to be scanning most comic images at 100%.
If you're desperate to see it larger, your computer will have a zoom
option which you can use to facilitate your desire.  

Right, having dealt with that, my fading memory is now such that
I'm sometimes uncertain when it comes to posts I've intended doing for
some time, whether I've already done them or not.  If a cursory check fails
to find one on the blog, then I assume I've not yet gotten around to it, and go
ahead and do it.  This of course leads to the possibility that I might repeat
material (aside from the 'Kid Klassics' posts, which are deliberate), and
you end up seeing a pile of images that you've already seen before.

When it comes to the current crop of pictures, I know I've featured
a few of them in previous posts, but this should be the first time they've
all appeared together in one single post.  If not, I'm sure you'll soon let me
know.  Looking at the first five covers on display, it's hard for me to grasp
that I was yet a schoolboy when these comics first came out and, 'though
they're not the actual copies I bought back in the day, I've had these
replacements for far longer than I ever had the originals.

The remaining cover scans are from my original comics, which
I've had since 1975 when I was still a teenager.  Again, it's difficult
to accept that 40 years have passed since I first picked them up (and
paid for them, naturally) in shops which now no longer exist.  How
time flies, eh?  Anyway, if you have any personal reminiscences
associated with these Marvel-lous mags, feel free to share!


I've just checked, and the size that images display at when
clicked on doesn't seem to be affected by the scale at which I
scan them.  So everyone's a winner!  Hooray!

Don't blame me!  This cover was printed out of kilter from the start 

I recall jumping into a block of flats in the old village quarter of my town,
so that I could sit on the staircase and read this.  I'm a bit more patient now

The mighty JIM STARLIN strikes again

A lovely TRIMPE & SEVERIN cover

Only 50p, eh?  Probably worth a good few pounds by now

JOHN BUSCEMA's brother, SAL, shows he's no slouch in the art department
either.  Didn't always have an inker that played to his strengths 'though 

Another TRIMPE & SEVERIN triumph

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