Saturday, 25 July 2015


Images copyright MARVEL COMICS

It's difficult for me to fully accept that 40 years have gone by since I bought the comics from which the images you see before you are taken.  1975?  Surely it was only a few years ago at the very most?  Nope, it's actually been 40 years, and as I type these words, I sense the shadow of a silent spectre falling upon my shoulder and I resist the sudden compulsion to turn around and look, and thereby seal my fate sooner than is scheduled.

But that's enough of the doom and gloom.  For the moment, let's celebrate this worthy U.K. MARVEL weekly from the past, and live again those halcyon days when everything seemed right with the world.  It may have been only an illusion cultivated by our ignorance of what lay before us, but illusions are sometimes the best and dearest companions of our youth.  Now - enjoy!

Big JOHN BUSCEMA shows how to compose a cover - a classic!

This was the very first X-MEN story I ever read - in the pages of
FANTASTIC #7 by ODHAMS PRESS in 1967.  Like this printing,
it was split into two parts and continued in the next week's issue 


Phil said...

I remember that ad for Origin of Marvel Comics. I ended up getting it at a store I think it was called the Paper Chase in London. When Stan Lee came to London I had him sign something but I don't remember what it was and it wasn't Origin of Marvel Comics. I should have. I asked him about Captain Britain and he didn't really want to talk about it. Must have been right after the book was cancelled.

Kid said...

Given his memory, Phil, he'd probably already forgotten all about it.

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