Monday, 10 March 2014


What makes a thing rare?  Being hard to find surely qualifies
you'd think, but here's something that seems to be an exception -
VULCAN Annual 1977.  What makes me say that?  Simple.  When
my original copy of this book sustained some cover damage a few
years back, I sought out another copy on eBay.  I soon had four
copies to keep my original company, and each of them was
described in its eBay listing as being 'extremely rare'.

I've since seen several other copies of the book available
on the internet, which have also been described as 'rare'.  In fact,
I've probably seen more copies of this particular Annual for sale
than any other, all within a relatively short space of time.  It pops
up quite regularly, in fact.  Not exactly my definition of rare, but
then again,  I'm not trying to punt one for a few more quid
than it's actually worth.

Still a nice little Annual 'though.  And, if you'd like to see The
TRIGAN EMPIRE adventure depicted on the cover, then click
on BIFF! and feed your hungry eyes. 


joe bloke said...

that cover is outstanding!

Kid said...

And that's a scan of a copy, Joe - you're getting an original.

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

I've been on the look out for some Vulcan comics /annuals for a few years but never seen to see any (Im more a person that likes to find them at marts rather than on-line) the one time I did see some were for the Scottish editions and they wanted a mad price for them ( £25 each about 10 years ago) - that cover is very nice indeed is it by Don Lawrence?

Kid said...

Yes, it's a Lawrence illo sure enough, McScotty. Give me your address (which I won't publish) and I'll send you an Annual with a facsimile cover. Or, if you have a standing order at FP, give me your S.O. number and I'll leave it in your file next time I'm in.

Colin Jones said...

I don't see why one annual would be any more rare than another unless there were only a small number printed to begin with. Trust you to replace one copy with four, Kid :) E-bay is one thing that I've almost never bothered with even though the lap-top I'm using now has an e-bay icon added as standard - I really should have a look just out of curiosity. And I agree with Joe Bloke - that cover is outstanding ! I recently saw that Youtube clip from 1998 with you talking about your toy collection but you don't seem to feature them much - you recently mentioned Tommy Gunn which I'd never heard of but when I typed Tommy Gunn and Action Man into the search box nothing came back, Kid.

Kid said...

I'd originally typed three, then remembered that I'd already given one of them to a pal. Now two others are earmarked for Joe and McScotty, leaving me with my original and a nice spare copy.

Actually, I've featured quite a few toys on the blog, Col - including Tommy Gunn. Type his name in the Blogger search box on the top left-hand corner of the page. For a Google search, type Tommy Gunn by Pedigree in the Google search box.

Colin Jones said...

Kid, I still can't find Tommy Gunn in your search box but I did Google it and no wonder I'd never heard of it - it was discontinued in 1968 when I was only two. I remember there was one Action Man figure dressed as a Nazi paratrooper which was a bit daring seeing that World War 2 had only ended 30 years earlier - forgive and forget I suppose. I hope you'll do some more items on your toy collection though . By the way, Steve Does Comics seems to have vanished again.

Kid said...

Col, I've just typed in Tommy Gunn into the Blogger search box on my page and it took me right to the post in question, so you must be doing something wrong. Try again.

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