Sunday, 16 March 2014


Images copyright MARVEL COMICS

While we're waiting for the second part of The MARVEL
Mag That TIME FORGOT, let's take a look at the eleven issue
run of another publication - The DAREDEVILS, which was sub-
sumed by the monthly MWOM from its seventh issue. You'd have
thought a mag with CAPTAIN BRITAINSPIDER-MAN and
FRANK MILLER's DAREDEVIL would've been a sure-fire
hit, but its failure shows just how wrong you can be.

Never mind, at least we have these eleven covers to look
back on and remind ourselves of what things were like over
30 years ago.  Got any memories?  Let's hear them.


John Pitt said...

Another monthly I loved , especially the new look/direction CB, very similar vein to Warrior's Marvelman. He even cameod, name changed to Miracleman, along with General Tusker ( Jumbo ) and others.
Again, thanks for the covers back!

Kid said...

I remember that episode, JP. One glance at these covers and it's 1985 again, eh?

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