Friday, 21 March 2014


Okay, WHAM-FANS, here's the fourth instalment in our series
of double-page JASPER The GRASPER strips by the magnificent
KEN REID, one of Britain's greatest-ever cartoonists.  As most people
will know, Ken worked for D.C. THOMSON, ODHAMS, and IPC/
FLEETWAY (amongst others) over the span of his long career, and is
still well-remembered today for his unique style that set a benchmark
for just how things should be done when it comes to bizarre and zany
comic strips of the kind you see before you.  This particular episode
comes from WHAM! #45, cover-dated April 24th 1965.

Part Five coming soon!  Don't miss it!


Paul McScotty -Muir said...

That has to be one of Ken Reids top 20 strips ever, the art is wonderful dark and funny - Thanks for showing these there excellent -I missed out on these first time around for some reason as I used to get the early WHAM comic

Kid said...

I missed them first time around too, McScotty, as I didn't buy Wham! until it started featuring the FF. However, I saw the strips when they were reprinted in the first Cor! Ammual, released in 1971 for '72. Glad to hear that you're enjoying ol' Jasper.

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