Tuesday, 18 March 2014


We're now at the halfway mark with our JASPER The GRASPER
fun-fest from WHAM! comic.  This particular episode is from issue #44,
cover-dated April 17th 1965, and once again ably demonstrates just what a
master of cartoon art the late KEN REID was.  Grown up readers of the '50s
probably regard Ken's finest hour as JONAH, those who grow up in the '60s
likely think of it as being FRANKIE STEIN, and kids of the '70s and '80s
doubtless look back and consider it as FACEACHE, but all are agreed
that Ken Reid was an artistic genius.

Be sure to tune in for Part Four.


John Pitt said...

Every time I see anything by Ken Reid I remember the story of his spending hours every week painstakingly copying naval vessels in minute detail for Jonah. Has there ever been a more dedicated artist?

Kid said...

There were probably some who were just as dedicated perhaps, JP, but I doubt that any were more so.

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

I read in a fanzine (I think it was "Escape") that some editors used to spend hours checking Ken Reids artwork and would "white out" what the considered any overly gross scenes (ie dog poo etc) or overly "violent" scenes - so detailed was his work it seemingly took them ages to do it - not sure how true that was but I can imagine that to an extent it was done by some.

Kid said...

I've read that myself, McScotty, so there's probably a fair bit of truth about it. I think it's likely that there was more 'checking' than 'changing' 'though, once he'd been asked to tone things down.

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