Thursday, 27 March 2014


Alas, alack!  Stop the clocks and rend your garments, for misery
is surely upon us.  'Tis with immense sadness (and, paradoxically, an
equal measure of pride) that CRIVENS! herewith presents, for your
personal perusal, the very last JASPER The GRASPER two-page strip
from the whimsical pages of WHAM! #47, cover-dated May 8th 1965.
Drawn by the incomparable KEN REID, no artist who followed him
on a strip ever drew it better (and often not even as good) than
the mighty Ken himself.

But dry your tears, for there is gladness in the midst of sadness.
You now have all six episodes (that's twelve full pages) to linger o'er
lovingly whenever the mood takes you.  And I have once again fulfilled
my self-appointed task to share the very best of British and American
comics with all you lilting lovers of comic strip culture.

You might consider leaving a comment expressing
 gallons of gratitude.  You know how insecure I am.


Paul McScotty -Muir said...

Awwww the end is always sad, really enjoyed seeing these strips so thanks for showing them, as Baabs said in a previous posts if not for blogs like your this wonderful comic art would probably be lost forever.

I read WHAM at This time (think it was more my brothers comics) and did vaguely recall this strip but had forgotten all about it until a few years ago when I picked up WHAM 42 with the first Jasper strip. I thought this was, for Reid quite tame so never really went out my way to get the others, bad mistake these are so dark and as I said before , for me are amongst his best ever work - amazing a kids humour comic character thats a old creepy man with no redeeming character traces that ends up getting physically assaulted by a British policeman - the PC brigade would go ballistic if that was in a strip today in a kids comic - we lived through the golden era of kids comics in the 60s a shame I think today's kids would love similar stuff (albeit unlikely to be present so well) aimed at them its not today's artists fault sadly they are restrained from letting rip by target groups etc. Again great stuff Kid err any chance of some more "Frankie" or the later Queen of the Seas stuff ???

Kid said...

I can certainly give you more Frankie, McScotty, 'cos I've got every episode. Queen of the Seas might be slightly more difficult as my first two years of Smash! are Odhams bound file copies, and it's difficult to scan the pages without damaging the books. However, I do have some duplicate single issues, so I'll see what I can do.

I posted a Pink Panther strip a while back that was very funny, but it ended with a robber walking out of a bank with a large sum of money. Of course, sensible readers would've known that the robber would be captured 'off-panel' after the 'punchline', but the strip wouldn't be allowed today because the PC brigade would complain. Maybe comics not selling so well nowadays is down to the fact that the humour is watered down into innocuous, boring, formulaic pap for six-year olds.

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