Thursday, 25 February 2021


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Regular rabid readers of my worthy words of wisdom (I don't get another reality pill for an hour or two) may remember me saying a couple of posts back that I managed to obtain a replacement for my original copy of Creepy Worlds #130 recently, along with Uncanny Tales #91 and Suspense #121, both of which I thought I already had.  Well turns out I didn't, so I can only assume that I once had them, or that the covers were familiar to me through reprints of them in my DC Comics collected volumes of Thunder Agents.

If I did once have the Suspense issue (and I think I did), it would've been a mid to late '70s printing priced at 10p (not 6p), and the same goes for the Uncanny Tales issue, though I couldn't swear I actually had that one (though I've got the original Tower Comics mag).  The interesting thing about the latter ish is that it's not square-bound, instead being a traditionally folded and spine-stapled comic just like regular Marvel and DC publications, which makes me wonder why.  Was it a try-out that was abandoned because it didn't seem as thick (and therefore less value for money) as its square-bound counterparts, or was it a one-off because they'd run out of glue on the day it was printed?

I don't recall ever seeing another Alan Class comic with staples as opposed to glue and wonder if any Crivvies have ever come across such a thing?  If so, spill the beans and enlighten us with your knowledge and insight, o faithful seeker and sharer of truth - it wouldn't be fair to let us wallow in our ignorance.  The comments section awaits your august presence.

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