Monday, 31 October 2016


Image copyright MARVEL COMICS

What fascinates me about this splash page is the caption box.
Just why the lettering is spaced within it the way it is puzzles me,
as it's an odd layout to be sure.  There's nothing odd about JACK
KIRBY's & DICK AYERS art though, and the perspective seems
spot on.  You really get the sense that the FF are actually floating
downward in defiance of gravity, and the alien architecture makes
you wonder if Kirby had really been to Planet X.  I mean, how
else could he have drawn the darn place so convincingly?


Britt Reid said...

IT was also one of the splashes used by Third Eye in the early 1970s for their black-light poster series (minus the caption)!

Kid said...

Thanks for that, BR, I remember seeing it before a few years back. It's a shame they couldn't have picked one colour for the costumes and stuck with it 'though.

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