Friday, 21 October 2016


Images copyright MARVEL COMICS

No, you haven't missed the first two in the series - MARVEL
publishes these cataclysmic collections out of sequence, so you still
have volumes one and two to look forward to.  However, back to this
EPIC softcover tome - just read the spiel below to see what magnifi-
cent goodies lie waiting within.  Available now from your nearest
comicbook store.  Race you there.


Jeffrey Crawley said...

Hi Kid,

Jeff Crawley here once more, wondering who the artist responsible for the back cover art is / was? It looks a bit like Frank Brunner, but no signature present.

I really liked both Gene Colan/ Tom Palmer & Frank Brunner's rendition of Doctor Strange.

Kid said...

It was indeed by Frank Brunner, JC. I think you'd enjoy this collection, if you don't already have the original issues.

Phil S said...

Just picked this up!
Strange isn't it?

Kid said...

Well, my doctor thinks so.

Rip Jagger said...

I've been reading these Doc stories in the Essentials format and in a trade which gathers up much of this stuff by Brunner. It's been great but I do hanker after this volume which was exceedingly handsome when I put eyes on it a few days ago. Beauty!

Rip Off

Kid said...

It's a beauty indeed, Rip. It even contains the framing sequences to reprints necessitated by the 'dreaded deadline doom'. I'll look forward to your review of it when you have a copy.

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