Thursday, 6 October 2016


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I once asked LEO BAXENDALE (via email) why there had been no further WILLY The KID books after the third one.  He replied that the details were included in his book The BEANO ROOM & Other Places.  Guess what?  I acquired an autographed copy of the book yesterday, and although the topic is referred to, there isn't any specific reason given why the Willy books didn't continue, nor any explicit mention of Leo being informed that there would be no more of them.

So I'd feel slightly cheated if I'd bought the book on Leo's say-so that something would be explained only to find that it really wasn't (especially as it cost £55), but as I got the book for nothing, I don't suppose I've got any serious grounds for complaint.  It's an interesting read, but mainly a retread of his earlier 1978 autobiography, A VERY FUNNY BUSINESS, updated to the time of publication in 2005.  However, it's not as lavishly illustrated as its illustrious and celebrated predecessor.

The book is still on Leo's website (here) as being available for £55.50 (which includes  p&p).  However, you can yet obtain decent condition copies of his '78 autobiography on the internet for under £30 and, visually, it's a much better looking book, so I'd say that would be the one to go for.  On the other hand, the 2005 book will probably be autographed (and if not, I'm sure Leo will sign it if you ask nicely*), so you might prefer to have that one in your collection.  Decisions, decisions, eh?

Tell you what - just buy both!

(*Update:  Unfortunately, Leo has passed away since this was first posted, so getting him to autograph something is no longer an option.) 


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