Saturday, 15 October 2016


Was at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall today with
a pal, taking in RAI CON and snapping some photos.  This is
the first of these type of events I've ever attended (dressing up
isn't really my thing), but it was an okay way to spend the day.
Thanks to everyone who posed for a picture.  Were you
there?  Share your thoughts in the comments section.
Here's KEV - looking happy and giving the
thumbs-up because his holidays are looming

This guy looks like trouble - I've got
a feeling he'll be popping up again

This gal sure believes in advertising

Here's a shot of the hall - seemed reasonably busy

Your money or your - wife, did he say?

At last - a bit of glamour

The girl in the middle has a real pretty face

Another shot of the hall

More glamour.  (Eh?)

Two hot babes - the heating was up full

Some fine examples of Glasgow's wildlife

This guy's a 'flash-in-the-pan'

Uh-oh!  Here's that guy again - with a pal

She's holding invisible dumbbells

Okay, I give in.  What are you hiding
behind your back, young lady?

LARRY, CURLY & MO - the three stooges amigos

At last - an actual artist.  Some nice work on display

He doesn't fool me by changing his
facewear - I've seen him before

Stop horsin' around

Just beamed down from the Starship ENTERPRISE by the look of it

Even BUZZ LIGHTYEAR got in on the act

The guy from RENTOKIL.  Maybe he's
after that wildlife in a previous photo?

The lady was being robbed by this masked
bandit, but they still posed for a photo

The return of some much-needed glamour

Okay, don't shoot - you can have one of my chips

Are this pair taking the pith?

A real couple of stars

Are you looking at me?

Some nice masks on display



Dunno - anyone got a clue?

This guy's back again

The big one's a bloke - honest

A slide-show about Cosplay

The presenters.  Okay, that's yer lot!


tongalad said...

Some great pictures in here Kid....a brilliant wee jaunt into Glasgow.

Kid said...

Wasn't bad, was it? The Latte and Snickers were appreciated. You know what a greedy buggah I am.

Mary Davies said...

Lovely! Thank you Kd!

Kid said...

A pleasure, MD.

Phil S said...

Looks like fun. Too bad for me I don't know anime so I don't recognize the characters. Did they have any comics for sale?

Kid said...

I don't recognise any of the characters either, PS. Anime and Manga comics on sale, plus I spotted the odd Spider-Man 'graphic novel'

Vince and Siv said...

I went to the Comicon in London this year at the Excel centre, tagging along with my friends and their teenage first since 1982....boy are they different these days!

My main purpose was to try and get Dave Gibbons to sign my Graphitti Edition of Watchmen 25 years after I'd managed to get Alan Moore to sign it (which he very kindly did with a sketch).

It seems to be more about dressing up these days than comics as you can see from my photos, should you want to have a look (The Dan Dare drawing was signed by Dave Gibbons in a Comicon booklet from waaaaaay back (1979 I think) which I took along to show him).

I'm the one in the red and yellow Iron Man T-Shirt!

Kid said...

You must've liked that photo, V&S, 'cos it's up twice. That looks far busier than Glasgow was, which, so I was told, wasn't as busy as last year. I have to be honest and say I prefer ordinary comic marts where you can buy comics. A handful of Cosplayers might brighten a mart up a bit, but there's just far too many costumed folk these days. As you say, it doesn't seem to be about the comics anymore.

Vince and Siv said...

I must be showing my age Kid as with all the queuing to get in I did think 'is it worth it?'...I think I found 2 stalls selling 'old skool' comics as I remember it....dwarfed by the merchandising juggernaut that takes over these places these days. I was astonished by the sheer number of people.

Quite a lot of the later photos were taken in the pub OUTSIDE the excel centre where, after a couple of hours of Cosplay overload, we told the boys we'd be if they needed us!

Kid said...

Thankfully, I didn't have to queue to get in to the Glasgow one, V&S - I don't think my old legs could take it. Funnily enough, I was looking at my old Tornados the other night, and was struck by how young Dave Gibbons looked on one of the covers.

Vince and Siv said...

Heh heh, Big E !!

Kid said...

When I see a photo of my younger self, it's like seeing a son I never knew I had. I wonder if Dave G feels the same?

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