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Ready for yet more mystical images from LEE & DITKO's Dr. STRANGE tales from the mid-'60s, as reprinted in the four issue Classics series in 1984?  Good, then you've come to the right place as that's just what we've got for you, Criv-ite fans.  I first read these stories in a black & white weekly British comic called TERRIFIC way back in 1967, and I knew they were something extra-special  even then.  This was MARVEL at its very best and no mistake.

If you've never read these yarns before then you've missed out, frantic ones, and could be considered impoverished in your comics collecting lives.  However, do not despair - all these pulse-pounding pictures are on view in the Dr. STRANGE OMNIBUS volume - available even as I type these imperishable words.  And, what's more, you'll get to see these double-page covers without the irritating personal address labels taking up space in the corners.  So what are you hanging around here for?

Race right 'round to your local comicbook store right away and immerse yourselves in the wondrous worlds of Dr. Strange by buying your very own awesome Omnibus volume before they sell out.  You don't want to miss it.

And below is the ALEX ROSS cover of the Omnibus edition.


Phil S said...

Enjoy the Ancient One before this movie.

Kid said...

Yeah, I know. He's a she!

Anonymous said...

That's a nice Alex Ross cover - normally I find his art a bit too "Soviet Realism" for my taste but sometimes it works.

Kid said...

I think it's a great cover, which is why I picked this version, CJ. Normally, I go for Omnibus volumes with an original (as in old) cover, but the Ditko Strange Tales cover version was only a flipped and amended interior full page panel. I thought the Ross version trumped it hands down.

B Smith said...

"Yeah, I know. He's a she!"

So where were all the purists when Monkey was on TV and Tripitaka was played by a woman? Eh? Eh?

Kid said...

Ah, but was he MEANT to be a woman, or was it only a woman playing a man? That's just acting. They were supposed to be animals anyway, but they were played by humans. They should've got one of the PG Tips chimps to play Monkey.

Phil S said...

Finally my chance to rant about the Ancient One casting. First it's not as written and represented in decades of comics.
Second it makes no sense. Strange travels to Asia, learns martial arts, the secrets of Asian magic from Tilda Swinton?
Third don't insult us. You got caught trying to change the race and sex of Strange's mentor. Many reasons. But not because you were trying to protect us from anti Asian stereotypes! You include Wong who is Strange's servant but you expect us to believe Marvel was protecting us from an old Asian sage? I didn't fall off the back of the turnip truck yesterday.
Also the trailers. While I like Strange the effects look like Inception. They don't look anything Ditko like at all. These aren't alternate universes. These are universes easily rendered by computer.
I think this movie is going to make me angry rather like Batman V Superman. The total mischaracterization of Superman.
In Dr. Strange I think it will be great Strange, pity about the movie.
At least people will know who I am next comic convention. I am amazed people who don't recognize Dr. Strange.

Kid said...

Just out of interest, PS, how do you feel about Dr. Strange not being Asian, as he was clearly intended to be in the first few tales before his origin was decided upon? It's interesting to note that Strange's origin is remarkably similar to Dr. Droom's, and when Droom gained his powers, his appearance was changed to look Asian - as part of the plot. In Strange's case, it was the opposite, although it was a discreet change and not intended as part of the story. The movie looks interesting, but like you, I fear it won't be very Ditko-ish. Let's hope we're both wrong.

Phil S said...

Not bothered because it's not integral to Strange as a character . Also I don't think he is Asian, as there isn't much indication he is. He isn't colored that way in the comic and Strange isn't an Asian name. Plus he lives in New York and travels to India,
I saw the movie and it was more Ditko than the trailers. But it was the same plot as Iron Man and Ant Man in many ways, too derivative. Cumberpatch was ok but as many people have pointed out the best Benedict was Wong, which just goes to show if Marvel wanted a non stereotypical Ancient One, they could have just written it. Swinton's role could have been played by anyone,
It was an ok movie but I'm not adding it to the Collection. My favorites are the first half of Iron Man and all the Captain America movies. Followed by Ant Man and Guardians of the Galaxy.
Having said that you must see it on the big screen . The effects are lost on tv.
I don't want special pleading to cast Minority characters . its just that when you have a chance it would be nice to correctly cast when there are literally no Asian characters in the Marvel movies. They didn't even cast the Madarin correctly.
Incidentally Agents of Shield has two Asian female actresses on tv. The producer is an Asian woman. I think perhaps not a coincidence.

Kid said...

Well, he clearly WAS originally intended to be Asian, PS, going by his eyes. Remember, when Ditko first drew him, as I said, his origin hadn't been decided upon (or even thought of) - that was a later development. I don't think the colouring is much of a factor, as Black people in comics were often coloured grey. As for the name, Strange, it suited the character despite his ethnicity - simple as that. Between his first and fourth appearance, the Asian appearance was diluted, until it had disappeared altogether by his tenth appearance. I think it's unarguable that Ditko first drew Strange with Asian features, probably because he thought it best suited a character versed in the mystic arts.

As for the movie, enjoyed it, but Cumberbatch's American accent was awful. Visually, it was a feast for the eyes 'though.

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