Wednesday, 12 October 2016


DOUG CHURCH was the IPC art editor and a really
nice man.  When the Youth Group was moved from KING'S
REACH TOWER down the road to IRWIN HOUSE in prepa-
ration for being sold to ROBERT MAXWELL, I often used the
desk adjacent to Doug's when I was working.  We shared many
of the same musical tastes, and the above note is Doug's thank
you for a couple of compilation tapes I did for him of AL
JOLSON and BING CROSBY (and friends).

I hope he's now enjoying a happy retirement,
and long may he do so.  What a great character.


Standby4action said...

Al Jolson? Yes please Kid.How on earth did YOU have Jolson stuff back then???
Norman - his other fan!

Kid said...

We're only talking 1986, and there's never been a point in time (once he became famous) when Al's records haven't been available. Braw chanter, isn't he?

Colin Jones said...

Today would have been my father's 89th birthday (he died in 1999, aged 71). He was born just 6 days after the release of "The Jazz Singer" starring Al Jolson which was the first ever film to include sound.

Kid said...

Pour yourself a wee drinkie, CJ, and wish your dad a happy birthday.

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