Friday, 14 August 2015


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Here's a nice KURT SCHAFFENBERGER cover of the character he's probably best known for - SUPERMAN'S GIRL FRIEND, LOIS LANE.  (He drew a pretty 'hot' SUPERGIRL too.)  Interesting that Lois was usually described as Supes' 'girl friend', not 'girlfriend' - did he regard his relationship with her as purely platonic, I wonder?  H'mm.


Phil said...

Schaffenberger was an under appreciated artist. He drew a magnificent chin Superman and gorgeous gals. I would also like to point out you can in fact do Superman stories. All you need is some imagination. Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen has their own books, Supes appeared in Action, Superman, World's Finest and JLA ans writers did his comics just fine. Modern writers who say Superman is too hard to write I say to you...nonsense.

Kid said...

That's why there have been so many retcons and reboots, Phil. Today's writers don't have the imagination (or maybe even the skill) to write stories for the characters we grew up with, so they change everything about them (the characters) to suit their own (the writers) limitations.

Phil said...

Off the top of my head, here are the following creations during the silver and golden age. A time when Supermsn was just too hard to write for darn it!

Bottle city of Kandor
Titano the super ape
Superboy and the entire Legion of Superheroes
Jimmy's signal watch
Nightwing and Flamebird
Red and Blue Superman
Phantom Zone
Fortress of Solitude
The Parasite

Don't say you can't write Superman. What you mean is I have insufficient imagination so I am going to blame the old writers for being too imaginative.

Kid said...

While I agree with the spirit of your comment, Phil, I'd have to deviate a bit from the letter of it. I think the things you mention were fine when comics were aimed mainly at kids, but some of those concepts (Bizarro for example) seemed a bit silly and infantile to teenagers, especially ones who read the Marvel titles. However, Denny O'Neil demonstrated with his 'Kryptonite Nevermore' series that you don't have to 'reboot' - you merely ignore (as a writer) the things you find silly. Read my post called The Man From Krypton, where I go into that idea in a little more detail. Many of today's writers can't seem to come up with ideas that continue the strips as we know them; they have to continually change them into something else.

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