Friday, 14 August 2015


Image copyright MARVEL COMICS

This is how it began - with the first issue of The FANTASTIC
FOUR, which heralded the start of the MARVEL AGE in the comic-
book world.  Pencilled by JACK KIRBY and thought to be inked by
GEORGE KLEIN, the layout was reminiscent of the DC comic cover
that was the impetus for the FF's Creation - The BRAVE & The
Bold #28, starring The JUSTICE LEAGUE Of AMERICA

Well, you know what they say - "Imitation is the sincerest
form of flattery."  I wonder if the Cosmic Quartet realize
to whom they owe their existence?


Anonymous said...

Only one of the most classic covers of all time - even though it's a bit too wordy. Brings back fond memories of reading The Complete FF No.1 which is where I first read this origin story as I'd missed the first two years of Marvel UK.

Kid said...

I first read it in two parts in Smash! (published at the same time in Wham!), but I don't think I saw the cover art until MWOM #1, where it appeared as a pin-up.

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