Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Here's a try-out caricature I did of someone
a few years ago.  I'm not entirely happy with
the result although it's recognizable, but I know
I can do better.  And I will - one day when I
have more energy and enthusiasm for it.


Philip Crawley said...

Kid, 'tis the lot of the artist to never by happy with your work. There's always the next one. An example of this that springs to mind is from one of the greats, Frank Frazetta, whose constant reworkings of his artworks are often showcased over at Cap'n's Comics. I guess all that we can hope for is that the percentage of dissatisfaction experienced with each artwork diminishes with age and experience.

Kid said...

The same with Frank Hampson to some extent, PC. The 'roughs' he did of Dan Dare often had far more spontaneity than his finished pages. He drew the roughs, then got people to pose in the positions required, photographed them, then used the photos as reference to draw the finished pages. Honest, he didn't need to bother, but he was obviously driven - a perfectionist to the nth degree.

Of course, the names of Frazetta and Hampson trip easily from my tongue as if I'm that league. I won't blow the gaff if you won't.

(Originally posted 20 August 2015 at 12:17.)