Sunday, 30 August 2015


swansong as JAMES BOND, but it was probably his
weakest outing as secret agent 007.  Nothing to do with
ol' Rog himself,  more to do with the fact that it was re-
cycling stunts seen years before in TV's The FALL
GUY and even black and white silent films.

Although it had some good moments, overall it
was a bit of a damp squib.  However, let's not hold
that against it as we watch the trailer for the final film
of the longest-serving Bond of all.  Seven movies over
twelve years is nothing to be sniffed at.  Okay, all
together now - "We want Woger!"


Phil said...

Bad movie. Bad script. Poor Rog was looking old and Tanya Roberts was too young for him. The pre credit sequence was good and so was the song. The only other movie rivaling it in badness was Man With the Golden Gun. But I liked Rog in that one more. Actually I like Rog.

Rip Jagger said...

I well remember "A View To a Kill" because when I went to see it in the theaters the movie ended more quickly than expected. Somehow a middle reel did not get played and the story jumped abruptly toward the center, around the time Moore is saving Tanya Roberts from the building fire I think. But the movie was so disjointed otherwise that only a few of us realized the problem or cared, because only myself and a couple who were there asked for a refund after the movie. We got it.

On a different point, the theme song is my favorite Duran Duran song, but that's a mighty short list.

Rip Off :)

Kid said...

The movie was definitely uninspired, TC, but although Roger was looking older, he was still within the limits of being able to carry it off. After all, Sean Connery looked older in Never Say Never Again, which was only a couple of years before. However, the movie looked tired, and was the first of three to lack the spark and imagination that Bond movies required. (The other two being Timothy Dalton's outings.)


Rip, apparently John Barry thought that Duran Duran were a complete pain in the @rse when it came to collaborating on the theme tune. I don't think that Barry regarded it as his finest work. And Roger wasn't too impressed with Grace Jones either. Rog's last Bond film, eh? The end of an era.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen this film for so long that I can hardly remember anything about it. My favourite Duran Duran song is 'The Reflex' but 'A View To A Kill' would be my second favourite. Grace Jones was really big at this time in the mid-'80s, acting in movies and having chart hits. Kid, did you ever see that famous TV incident when she was whacking Russell Harty over the head because he'd turned his back on her in order to speak to another guest ? What a strange woman !!

Kid said...

I remember seeing it when it was first broadcast, which is odd when I think of it, because I never usually watched Russell Harty. Strange woman indeed. (And you can read that any way you like.)

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