Tuesday, 11 August 2015


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SIMON & KIRBY reunited, so that fact alone makes this issue
a collectors' item.  This was a different SANDMAN to the one that
the famous creators had introduced in the '40s, and was originally
intended as a one-shot.  Five more issues appeared, but Simon was
absent from them.  MICHAEL FLEISHER took over the scripting
chores, with ERNIE CHUA (as Chan) drawing #s 2 & 3.  Kirby
returned to draw #s 4-6, inked by MIKE ROYER, and, in the
final issue, WALLY WOOD.


Graham said...

I only found the first issue. Probably would have been a pretty interesting series if Simon and Kirby had stayed on it. Never read any of the other issues to compare. To be honest, I thought it was a one-shot until a few years ago.

Kid said...

It wasn't anything great, to be honest, G. 'Of its time' is the best that can be said of it, but far from overwhelming.

Dougie said...

Just re-read issue 2 the other week. Awful, campy stuff from Fleisher and Chua. I don't think much of Fleisher's writing, tbh.

Kid said...

I haven't read them in years, Dougie. I just remember not being terribly impressed by them.

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