Wednesday, 12 August 2015


Image copyright MARVEL COMICS

The cover of DAREDEVL #1 was a joint effort, utilising
JACK KIRBY's DD figure from the splash page, and rounded
off by the art of BILL EVERETT - with perhaps a helping hand
from STEVE DITKO.  So, a makeshift cover and splash page,
but The Man Without Fear went on to become one of the
brightest stars in the Mighty MARVEL firmament.


Phil said...

But don't forget the first super hero with a handicap who was blind - Dr. Mid-nite. And Stan, let us say, appropriated the name Daredevil from The old Lev Gleason hero Daredevil. And would repeat this bit of legerdemain with Captain Marvel later.

Kid said...

I think we can forgive ol' Stan his 'appropriation' of the names (if such it was), seeing as the two characters you mention were in comics limbo at the time. Remember, the same sort of thing happened with Marvel's Western Ghost Rider who, although he had a different origin, had the same name (GR) and look (and artist) as the original one by a different publisher.

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