Wednesday, 12 August 2015


Image copyright DC COMICS

As noted before, I'm not too impressed with this cover by
JACK KIRBY, for various reasons.  First, the way the group
of three CHALLENGERS Of The UNKNOWN are separated
from bleeding into the fourth is extremely clumsy in my opinion.
Also, the figure in the foreground gives the impression of having
just cracked the egg with his hammer, but he's too far away to
have landed a blow.  And surely the egg is too small to contain
the creature emerging from it!  Considering that this was the
team's introduction, the cover could have - should have -
been far more dynamic than it actually was.


Philip Crawley said...

Yeah, agree with all of the issues you pointed out on this one - almost like it's a 'spot the deliberate mistake' contest. Hard to believe the cover was done by the same artist who produced some of the most iconic covers in comics history. This one musta caught him on an off day. Talk about phoning it in.

Kid said...

It's certainly not Kirby at his finest, that's for sure, PC. We'll overlook it just this once 'though, eh?

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