Friday, 5 September 2014


As I trot tantalisingly about town spreading joy and happiness
amongst my fellow Caledonians (by virtue of my fair and friendly
countenance and beaming disposition), I still sometimes can't help but
wonder if I do enough to alleviate all the pain and suffering in this wide
world and whether it might just be possible to do more.  Then I remember
this bombastic blog and realise what a herculean effort I put into making
this planet a far better place, and feel foolish for doubting my awesome
altruism.  In fact, I get so embarrassed about being such a wonderful
person, that I very often feel like punching an orphan just to
attain some kind of balance in my life.

Anyway, enough of the problems of veritable sainthood - you're
not concerned with such minor matters, I'm sure.  Instead, let's focus
on the final four issues of MARVEL U.K.'s weekly periodical from the
mid-'80s, THE THING IS BIG BEN, which shuffled off this mortal
coil with its 18th issue.  I've also included the Summer Special to
complete the collection, as I just can't help but give, give, give!
('Scuse me while I polish my halo.)

So, all you cavortin' Criv-ites, I've done my part, 'tis now time
for you to do yours - by savouring the varied visuals which I've laid
out before you.  Should you then wish to leave a comment thanking me
for my genial generosity and bountiful benevolence, I'll read them with
my customary modesty at what a super human being I happen to be.
Although, it's hard to be humble when you're as magnificent as I
am, as I'm sure you can all appreciate.


moonmando said...

Punching an orphan! Sainthood becomes you Kid. Lol

Dunsade Dave said...

Kid, all your talk of altruism may be tongue-in-cheek (then again, it may not), but I do a job that is often quite stressful, and I often spend my teabreaks reading through a few blogs that I follow, this being one of them. I look forward to my twenty minutes of escape, entertainment and nostalgia that the blogs give me, and this post today was a cracker: a couple of pages from (a reprint of) Marvel Two In One 100, which I think I burbled on about in a comment the other week, some Big Ben covers which I vaguely recognise from my youth, and that Marvel Girl feature, which was also reprinted in 1977's Titans annual, a book I remember buying at a primary school jumble sale, along with the 1978 Rod Stewart annual, both of which I still have!

Great post, thanks!

Kid said...

You know me, Moony - I was understating. I'd try and punch at least three.


DD, most of what I write is tongue in cheek, but if I had my tongue in cheek as I typed that, then you can't quite be sure if what I've just said is meant to be taken seriously or not. Doh! My head hurts. I remember buying the 1977 Titans Annual at the end of '76 - from Woolworths, I think. Glad you enjoyed the post.

John Pitt said...

I didn't have the summer special . How did miss that? Thanks for all these images. You joke about your generosity, but we at the other end do appreciate it.
I recognize that Marvel Girl pic from somewhere far earlier, but I'm not sure where.

Kid said...

That Marvel Girl story first appeared in X.Men #57, JP, was reprinted in Giant-size X-Men #1, Titans Annual 1977, and various other places since. In some reprints it had a page edited out for reasons of space. It goes without saying of course, that I appreciate your appreciation.

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