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STAN LEE and MARVEL are inextricably linked in the minds
of most comicbook readers of a certain age.  Hard to believe, then, that
Stan's Soapbox (which started in 1967) disappeared from the pages of 
Marvel mags around 14 years ago, as did the tagline 'Stan Lee Presents'.
Apparently, Marvel was trying to disassociate itself from its leader, who,
along with JACK KIRBY, STEVE DITKO, DON HECK and others,
was responsible for laying the foundations for the 'House of Ideas'
back in the early '60s.

It was therefore refreshing to see Marvel embrace Stan to its
bosom again in 2006, when a series of five mags entitled STAN LEE
MEETS was issued to the comics-buying public, "commemorating 65
years of Stan Lee at Marvel".  Each issue featured Stan meeting a dif-
ferent Marvel character (written by himself), various back-up stories
in a similar vein (written by others), plus a collectors' item classic
from Marvel's back-catalogue.

Here, then, is a cataclysmic cover and splash page gallery of the
first and last tale in each magazine.  A hardback collected edition was
later issued, containing the complete five issues, so if you have a bit of
dosh to spare, you might want to consider treating yourself or a loved
one to a copy.  After all, Christmas isn't too far away - and Stan is 'The
Man'.  All together now - "Hang Loose, Face Front, Excelsior!"
 (Not forgetting " 'Nuff Said!")


Unknown said...

An excellent series and great scans here - I recall that the issue I have all had with a few back ups per issue including some quality reprints (there's a fun Hembeck 2/3 pager in one issue) . That Kirby reprint page looks brilliant here - I didn't pick up all of these and missed the Dr Strange issue (one of my favourite characters)so I now need to track that one down (love the BWS reprint and Alan Davis' art look really good -as always on Strange) - I really miss "Stans Soapbox " for me it brought everything together in the Marvel "universe" (although it was never as good in the 80s etc as it was in the 60s - 70s ) even taking most of the letters pages out of their comics to me was a mistake and its something companies like IDW, Dark Horse, Image etc still have (they all even have a version of the Soapbox)

John Pitt said...

I have seen the cover of the Spidey one, but I never knew of the existance of the other 4! They are great!
Incidentally, only yesterday my elder daughter informed me that my grandson had been educating her as to who Stan Lee is! This made me SO proud! ( That's my boy!! )
He says he is going to beat me and collect more comics than me!?!?....
Yeah, good luck with that one.

Anonymous said...

Kid, you'll get no argument from me about Stan Lee - he's a genius who saved superhero comics from the inanity and obscurity to which they were surely headed (Superbaby and Krypto the Wonder Dog - I rest my case). And without Stan would Marvel UK ever have existed - I doubt it. I love those spoof covers especially the FF one. The "Stan Lee presents" line must have started a bit later though as it doesn't appear in those '60s splash pages.

Kid said...

Taking the letters pages out of Marvel comics was a real dumb idea, McScotty, as it destroyed that connection readers felt to the Bullpen. Apparently, there's a website where you can send letters, but it's not the same thing because it removes that special 'atmosphere' from the actual comic. I liked seeing Stan's Soapbox simply because it conjured up memories of years before, but apparently Ike Perlmutter (Marvel bigwig) hates Stan's guts and was trying to erase his presence from the mags. Go figure.


Just think, JP, when you croak, your grandson will get his hands on all your comics, so he'll end up with more than you after all. Better start teaching him how to look after them now.


The Stan Lee Presents line started in the '70s when Stan became publisher for a while, CJ, but even after he gave up that position, Marvel realised the wisdom of continuing the illusion that Stan was still connected to the comics in some way. In actual fact, he was out in California pursuing TV and movie deals. Wasn't suggesting that the soapbox and tagline started at the same time, only that they faded from view around the same time.

John Pitt said...

Way ahead of you in conditioning my grandson to look after his comics. Little does he know what'll be coming his way when I croak!
Who the feck is Ike Perlmutter and HOW DARE he hate Stan Lee!! Stan Lee IS Marvel! If that's how he feels he doesn't deserve to work there! He should p*$$ off and work somewhere else! Stan Lee has brought endless pleasure to billions all over the world and created a legacy which will last forever. What's that mongrel ever done? Naff all! Never heard of him!!!!

Kid said...

Ike Perlmutter is Chief Executive Officer of Marvel Entertainment, JP. So - gotta lotta clout.

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