Monday, 29 September 2014


You're looking at a CHERILEA BATMAN figure
that I recently won on eBay and which will shortly be winging
its way to me.  It was originally sold in WOOLWORTHS at the
time of the Bat-craze that swept the country (and maybe even the
world) back in the 1960s, and there was also a ROBIN figure.  So
powerful is the association of this item with the time and place in
which I first purchased my original (one of a few) that I'm over-
whelmed with images of the livingroom of my old house to
such an extent that it seems that I'm still living there.

Remember those little glass-phial HUMBROL paints
that Woolworths also sold?  Because of the waxy surface of
the figure, the paint used to chip off very easily, and I used to
repaint the Caped Crusader and his crime-fighting chum with
those little enamels in an attempt to restore them to their pristine
beauty.  Isn't it strange the things that remain in your head after so
many years?  Now all I have to do is keep an eye out for a Robin 
companion figure.  In the meantime, here's a photo 'borrowed'
which shows the Dynamic Duo together.

 Although I remember these figures from childhood, -
the colours, their stance, the bases - I don't seem to recall
them being so 'distorted', with short, stumpy legs and football
shaped heads.  In my mind, they both seemed to be perfectly
proportioned - which just goes to show, I guess, that  no one
has an infallible memory - not even me.  Or perhaps such
details are beyond the concern of kids and therefore
make little impression on their young minds.

Do you remember these figures?  If so, feel free
to reminisce to your heart's content in our ever-lovin'
Criv-ites comments section.  Who's first?


Gey Blabby said...

Mines had the same problem with the paint flaking off, and I think my solution was more-or-less the same as yours, Kid. I think I even went as far as trying to paint the yellow bit around his chest insignia - not very successfully, I might add. Seeing them now, though, they're weird looking little dudes, aren't they?

Kid said...

Not half, GB. I don't recall them being that misshapen, although I do remember the knobbly knees on both of them.

B Smith said...

Just wondering, did you ever continue buying that weekly thing that had a different Batmobile with every issue?

Colin Jones said...

I've never seen those figures before but they look absolutely horrible, sorry but they do. I know nostalgia is very important to you, Kid, but surely there are some things you draw the line at ? And how will you restore the face on the top figure - it looks like it's been chewed by somebody's dog.

baab said...

When I was about 4 or 5 I was in a neighbours house and he had a small Batman figure that I could not stop looking at.
I never forgot that moment.
I even shared the memory with my kids.

I reckon this may be the figure.

In the second picture,the figures look like they were designed by Paul Pope.

Kid said...

I bought a few of them, BS - only the ones I was interested in.


CJ, I assume you've either got a tiny computer screen or you never click on the images to enlarge. The only thing wrong with the face is the paint has flaked off in places. Easy enough to restore to a multi-talented individual like me (he said, modestly).


Oo-er, Baab, now you're showing up my ignorance 'cos I've never heard of Paul Pope. I'll have to Google the name.

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

Oh the memories - I remember that they were not very detailed but not a poorly cast as this - I had both of these and kept them for some time chipped paint and all - strangely it was the Batman logo base that I remembered when you mentioned these on the recent "Daredevil thread" - I also had Batman and Robin figures where the plastic cloaks lifted off (can't recall if this happen with these) - seeing that model took me right back for a nano second to being a kid - good start to my day thanx.

Good call from "baab" these do look like Paul Popes version of Batman - (he's a comic artists / writer a bit alternative in his art style Kid hit it big around 2000) although Pope was probably too young to be influenced by these 60s models

Kid said...

Yes, McScotty, the capes come off - in Batman's case, along with his head. I used to attach a black, hollow piece of plastic tubing to both pegs (that fit into the feet) on the red base to make a Batman-shaped ring - like a big plastic knuckle-duster. Ah, happy days.

Colin Jones said...

Kid, I was looking on a tablet screen when I sent that comment and I've just enlarged the image on my laptop screen (you're right - I never click on images to enlarge them) but I still can't see a recognisable face. Rather than paint having flaked off what I see is blue paint smeared all over the bottom half of the face. But I've no doubt you'll make it look a lot better - you should show us the finished result.

Kid said...

Fear not, CJ - I'll be showing it off to the world once I've performed my magical act of restoration.

Ken said...

They both look like they have been dipping into the pharmaceutical goodie bag!

Holy steroids Batman!


Kid said...

Ken, the Robin figure is almost as fat as Burt Ward is now in real life. And Adam West wishes he was as rounded an actor as his plastic Batman figure.

John Pitt said...

I don't know how I missed these at the time, but this is the first time I've ever heard of them. Had I spotted them in the 60's I would have snatched them up and pitted ( or Pitt - ed, gettit? ) them against my Cherilea Dalek army!

Kid said...

Ah, who could forget the Cherilea Daleks? Not exactly accurate, but fun toys nonetheless.

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

I had forgotten all about those Cherilea Dalek's think I had a couple of these , from memory they only vaguely resembled Daleks - My favourites though were the Timpo swoppets ( or was it Tempo?) the more detailed models that you could swap torsos etc (even hats, guns etc) I had 100s of these as a kid from cowboys to ancient Greeks all at pocket money prices (probably all about a fiver each now)

Kid said...

Well, they were recognisably Daleks, but not exactly made from BBC blueprints. They did the Mechanoids too. If I remember rightly, Tempo made pens, Timpo made the figures to which you refer. I reckon a fiver would be optimistic in some cases, McScotty.

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