Sunday, 14 September 2014


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Funny how the memory starts to go as one gets older.  Things that
were once remembered with certainty become clouded with doubt, and
other options start to suggest themselves as alternate possibilities.  Case in
point:  As detailed in a recent post, I recall buying SUPERMAN #238
in 1972 and retiring to a local cafeteria to read it.  (For details, see
part 30 in this 'favourite comics' series.)

However, I also recall buying, from the same newsagent's, issue
#237 perhaps a week or so either side of its companion (comics some-
times went on sale out of sequence in this country, so I could've bought
the later mag first) and also availing myself of the cool confines of the same
cafeteria.  On one of those occasions a girl from my class in school tried to
engage me in conversation at my table, but I beat a hasty retreat, not really
being the slightest bit interested in available schoolgirls of my own age.
(Unattainable screen goddesses were more my thing.)

So here's my problem (if only they were all so easy).  Because
of the similar circumstances in which I purchased these two mags, I'm
no longer 100% sure which one I had on the day I got a free COKE from
the guy at the next table.  (Same day as in the above paragraph.)  As I said
before, the cover of #238 fits the memory perfectly, but I also tend to as-
sociate the contents of #237 with the event.  Actually, not even that's
strictly true;  the covers and contents of both issues fit the recol-
lection - both vying for supremacy at different times.

So, I've decided to give that other issue equal time, just in case
it was the actual comic in question relating to the anecdote with which
I previously regaled you in an earlier post.  That way, I'm not denying it
its rightful moment in the spotlight, nor refusing it the association it de-
serves in my memory banks (should such be the case).  Perhaps one day
I'll have a "Eureka!" like moment and suddenly recall with startling
clarity exactly which of the two mags was the one involved, but, for
the present, you and I get the best of both possible worlds.

So enjoy a few select pages from this classic issue - I hope
your memories and associations of it are crystal clear.

This page and the next:  I still recall how thrilling I found this sequence
when I first read it in '72.  I even knew what the 'single bound' reference
alluded to in Superman's history.  Classic storytelling at its very best!

And guess what?  After browsing through the issue to choose
the pages for scanning, my memory has been somewhat refreshed:
I'm now pretty sure that it was this issue I had on the day I got a free
Coke and was 'accosted' by the girl from school.  Because of the erratic
distribution system, I can't say whether I bought the mags in sequence
or not, or how far apart, time-wise, they were purchased.  It seems like
it was about a week or so, but it could have been weeks or perhaps
even just days.  Never had this trouble with British weeklies.


John Pitt said...

We have been so heartlessly cruel to girls in our youth, haven't we, needlessly hurting their feelings.
Boys can be such ß@ $π∆®ds!

Kid said...

Thing is, JP, she'd never spoken to me before so her full-on assault (invading my table without being invited) rather startled me. I had to protect my comic, so I was outta there. (You can see why, with such acumen, I was such a hit with the ladies - not.)

John Pitt said...

If you are holding out for a " love me, love my comics " kinda dame, let me tell ya there ain’t no such animal!
( Why am I talking like Ben Grimm? )

Kid said...

Nah, I'm holding out for a 'love me, don't even think about breathing on my comics never mind touching them' kinda dame.

John Pitt said...

Got one of them, ( except for the " love me " part ) !

Kid said...

I'm sure she does really, JP.

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