Saturday, 6 September 2014


A few years ago, during an idle moment, I drew a few roughs of a comic strip that I thought might be fun to do.  I soon lost interest and the idea has since languished in limbo.  Recently however, I drew one of them to a fairly decent standard (though it still needs a polish), but decided to leave out the original dialogue, which I'd originally just made up as I went along.  The original rough is below so that you can compare with the (almost) finished strip.

So, here's where you Criv-ites come in.  See if you can come up with some funny (but clean) dialogue for the pictures you see before you, and I'll letter the best submission and publish it here on the blog.  Not much of a prize, I grant you, but it's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.  Thinking caps on now!

(And if you'd like to see the other roughs, click here.)

And below is the finished strip after lettering and colouring.


DeadSpiderEye said...

How about:

BINT: Hope you enjoyed the curry last night, we've run out of bog roll

CHAP: Oh flip, I've been conserving it, by the way, is that YESTERDAY's paper?

B: Yeah, it's got an article about the explosion at the chocolate factory.

C: Uh, yeah about that article, That's in TODAY's paper.

Colin Jones said...

Kid, if it's okay I've decided to assume that the guy with the question mark over his head is just looking quizzical rather than being asked a direct question and I've also assumed that the girl is reading something in the newspaper so here are a couple of suggestions for their dialogue: 1) "They're auditioning for Jesus Christ Superstar" - "Who would you play ?" - "The Virgin Mary" - "You've always loved a challenge".......2) "My horoscope predicts a big event" - "What's your starsign ?" - "Taurus" - "Then it's probably bullsh*t". I'm afraid those are the best that I can come up with !

Kid said...

Thanks for the suggestion, DSE. Any more anybody?

Here's mine:

Jill: I see there's been several sightings of Nessie in the last week.

Bill: H'm, that's interesting - I think I can explain it 'though.

Jill: Really? What's your explanation then, Mr. Know-it-all?

Bill: Easy! You're mother's at Loch Ness on a camping holiday at the moment, isn't she? She's probably been in for a few swims.



Andrew May said...

You'll probably tell me it's (a) not funny and (b) got too many words, but here goes:

Panel 1

JILL: Embarrassingly revealing celeb pics! I love 'em!

Panel 2

BILL: Who's the victim this time, Jinks?

JILL: Scarlett Johansson -- you know, the Black Widow!

Panel 3

BILL: Not that low-cut costume, again? Bad mistake, as any silver-age comic fan will tell you!

TwoHeadedBoy said...

Hi readers! Guess what? You'll NEVER see the back of my head, no sir!

That's what SHE thinks.

Jill: *excessive narcissistic ponderings*


Colin Jones said...

Just to say that my dialogue reads directly from left to right on the cartoon and that's why I didn't bother adding who says what as I thought it would be obvious.

Kid said...

CJ, assuming that Jill is reading something from the newspaper is a good assumption, as is dialogue reading left to right. Good man.


Well done Andrew and THB. Any more?

Kid said...

Incidentally, CJ, your first comment was awaiting moderation while I was responding to DSE, so I didn't see it until after I'd posted my response. As your comment was in the queue, once I published it, it popped up between DSE's comment and my reply. Wouldn't like you to think you were being ignored.

Andrew May said...

Looking at it again after the lapse of a few hours, I realise mine is only going to make sense to those of us old enough to remember the Black Widow's (much sexier) high-necked catsuit!

My vote so far goes to Colin's #2 - it's a joke everyone can understand, and it fits the character's facial expressions perfectly.

Kid said...

Ah, but remember, Andrew - 'tis a comics blog, so I reckon most folk would get (or guess) what you're alluding to.

Christopher Sobieniak said...

I have no time for this, but if you need something from me, here I go...

1. Hey Bill, I see the new [place comic book title here] flick just came out today.

2. Hmmm, is that the one with [place actor's name here] in the title role?

3. Why, yes.

4. Seen it already, he dies at the end!

Kid said...

Thanks, Chris. Any more anybody?

Kid said...

Here's another one:

Jill: I see the amateur dramatics group is auditioning for new members.

Bill: Drama, eh? I could do that. Then I could play a giant chocolate biscuit.

Jill: Eh? Why would you want to play that?

Bill: 'Cos it's a part I could get my teeth into!

Hey, nobody said I couldn't enter my own competition.

Colin Jones said...

Don't worry Kid, I knew you weren't ignoring me, I guessed it was to do with the comment moderation - I suppose one good thing about CM is that we always know you must have read the comments which on some blogs you can't be sure of. Thanks to Andrew for liking my suggestion, I also knew what he meant about the Black Widow - as you said Kid, on here we surely all do.

Kid said...

What also sometimes happens is that I'll get five or six comments at once, but they might not all be for the same posts. Once they're published and I've responded to most of them, there might be one or two I'll forget 'til I check back later.

Any more script suggestions anyone?

John Pitt said...

1. Jill- I love reading these celebrity magazines!
2. Bill- Has it got the good news about ADELE in?
Jill-What news is that?
3. Bill- She's got laryngitis!

Kid said...

Thanks, JP. Here's another one:

Jill: It says here that one way to reduce swelling is to rub the affected area with toilet paper.

Bill: That's a load old old codswallop.

Jill: How can you be so sure?

Bill: Never worked with that fat bum of yours, did it?

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