Saturday, 20 September 2014


Images copyright relevant owner.  Art by FRANK LANGFORD

And now another story from the 1972 PERSUADERS Holiday Special.  I'll say this for POLYSTYLE PUBLICATIONS - they sure used good artists on their adventure strips (and their humour ones too, of course).  Had the TV show lasted more than one series of 24 episodes, there would doubtless have been further Persuaders Holiday Specials, but as far as I can determine, there was only the one - and what a one it was. ROGER MOORE went on to star in seven JAMES BOND movies and TONY CURTIS didn't really do much of note afterwards, but, after all, he was a bona-fide Hollywood legend and could afford to rest on his laurels.

"Yonder lies de castle of my fadder."

I now return to you to our regularly scheduled comic strip.


B Smith said...

So who would you say was the artist on this? Good stuff, whoever it was.

Unknown said...

Nice artwork, the artists style doesn't look familiar to me though - I wonder why mags/comics like TV 21, Countdown etc managed to get so many top notch artist to wprk for them, was it the fact they paid more than say Valiant , Lion etc (which I would assume sold more copies) or were the artist more attracted by drawing Dr Who etc than say Spellbinder

Kid said...

The style is incredibly familiar to me BS, but the name just eluded me.


I suspect that TV21 paid a decent page rate, McScotty, but I'm not sure that Polystyle would have paid the highest going. Could be wrong 'though.

baab said...

It is nice artwork.
The wash creates the illusion of colour so well.

The third panel of the last page with the blonde girl looking surprised reminds me of one of the artists who also worked on various girls comics.

My granny used to buy and send copies of The Mandy and The Judy along with The Sunday Post to my Aunt and her family in South Africa.
They were away for five years.
I would read anything, and I had female cousins who always had comics and magazines lying around.
Some of the art was wonderful.
The seventies glam thing was prominent in the style of the content and the strips.

My favourite girls comic character was Vanya.
Vanya was a sportswoman/runner who had a glass bead with which she would regain her youth and vitality in times of trouble.

I cannot find any info online about this character so I may have named her wrongly.

What a geek!

Kid said...

Baab, the only Vanya I remember is a page 3 model from around the '80s or '90s - she was married to Robson Green, but they divorced last year. I've still got a couple of Persuaders stories illustrated by Romero to show - don't miss them.

John Pitt said...

An excellent example of a grey wash, when expertly done, can make a B&W strip almost photographic.
I never noticed, as a kid, just how much extra effort was put into the artwork in ALL summer specials. It's only as an adult that I appreciate all their hard work.

Kid said...

The thing about this Persuaders Special is that the contents are all new, which would've cost a fair bit. The IPC Specials, on the other hand, although they contained twice as many pages, also included a fair bit of reprint material. They were all good value for money 'though.

Ken said...

I met Tony Curtis at Gatwick after he had been on the Jonathan Ross show and just a few short months before he passed away. Although he was very fragile looking slightly forlorn sitting in one of those airport transit buggies, he came alive full of joie de vivre when I greeted him and had a quick chat. True Hollywood legend!


Kid said...

A true Hollywood legend indeed, Ken. It's a shame that the big roles trailed off for him, and he was reduced to guest star or cameo spots on TV shows in his later years. He was capable of much more.

baab said...

If Tony Curtis was in a movie I watched it.
Not many men can claim to have a hairstyle named after them.

I used to have a Tony Curtis now I have a Kojak!

I remember Vanya, Kid, I really got that one wrong.
I kicked my memory into gear and asked it to go away and come back with more info.
It was the Mandy comic and her name was Valda.
I eventually found some info here at this link.
You can remove the link if you wish,but It may be interesting to some of your female readers.

Kid said...

Oops, here's one I forgot to reply to. Maybe that's why Baab doesn't comment on the blog anymore. Either that, or because he left a rude one and forgot to use the anonymous option. No need to be embarrassed, Baab, I'll give you an amnesty.

Kid said...

(Not your above comment - one on another post.)

baab said...

Oh my,I don't remember being rude.

Not something I lean towards.
I'd love a link?

I stopped commenting on all of the forums I visit.
I found myself thinking about replies rather than replying.

I still visit your blog daily,hoping you have posted.

Wishing you well.

Kid said...

Can't recall what post it was, but I'll add a link whenever I find it. It was a three word comment which said 'You need help', but perhaps it was meant as a humorous comment and I misread its intention. Not hard to do, considering it seemed similar in tone to anonymous barbs I'd been receiving at the time. Such things tend to make one a little sensitive. Okay, have a free pardon and treat yourself to a bag of jelly babies for clearing your good name.

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