Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Oh, all right then, you've talked me into it, you smooth-talking devils.
Presented for your perusal are another ten covers from perhaps Britain's
greatest-ever comic - TV CENTURY 21.  Editor ALAN FENNELL was
still in charge at this stage and the comic was still selling well, but that state
of affairs wasn't destined to last forever, alas!  However, that was still to
come - for the meantime let's just enjoy how things used to be when
TV21 was still a force to be reckoned with.


John Pitt said...

Please keep posting every issue you have, even post - #104. I don't know about you, but I couldn't really get into Zero X.
I think one of the nails in its coffin was when they decided to include football in the comic, which didn't belong in a futuristic telly comic. Wasn't Besty on one cover? I always said, between The Daleks and Captain Scarlet, that they should have done features on the TV Batman show, like the Dutch counterpart TV 2000. I have seen photos of these with the TV Batman in the headlines on the cover and they look great! What a missed opportunity!

Kid said...

Nah, I never took to Zero X either. For a start, not having seen any of the Thunderbirds movies, I didn't know them from Adam, and second, it just seemed like a poor copy of Fireball XL5, which I much preferred. Mike Noble's art was still great, but I just wasn't interested in the characters. Circulation must've been in free-fall (or what passed for it in the '60s & '70s) for them to include football stories, JP. That was obviously an attempt to reach a wider readership than the diminishing Gerry Anderson one. Batman? Probably cost too much for the rights in comparison to the other TV shows which the new version included.

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