Friday, 12 July 2013


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Wow!  This brings back memories for me.  To think that I was still a schoolboy (just) when the above issue of PLANET Of The APES first came out on December 7th, 1974.  (Yes, I know it's dated the 14th, but that's because comics traditionally carried next week's date to give them a longer shelf life until the next issue came in.)

The reason I recall this issue in particular is because it carried one of my letters in the - wait for it - LETTERS page, even if they did somehow manage to misspell my name in one instance.

Talk about time machines.  It seems like only yesterday when I first bought this comic, so it blows my mind to think it was a mere kick in the pants off 40 years ago. Just thought I'd share it with you here.  (And thanks to BAAB for making me hunt for it.)


And for all you POTA fans, click on this link
(supplied by Baab) for wonders undreamt of.

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