Saturday, 20 July 2013


A few years ago, I was asked by someone acting on behalf of the
then-current copyright owner of MICK ANGLO's MARVELMAN
as to whether I'd be interested in lettering some pages for submission to
MARVEL, as part of a proposal to interest them in buying the character.
Well, of course I would.  It was all very hush-hush, and I had to sign a
confidentiality clause which would be in effect during negotiations,
and until they had been concluded one way or the other.

Well, we all know what the result was.  Out of courtesy to both
Marvel and the previous copyright owner (and I know there's still
a lot of controversy over who actually owns what and whether anyone
had the rights to sell in the first place), I've held off from featuring any
pages here, waiting for Marvel to do something with the character first
- apart, that is, from publishing reprints of '50s stories that I don't
imagine a lot of Americans will be much interested in.

However, as certain promises made to me by a certain person
have not materialised, and as that person seems to be 'unavailable'
and has not responded to requests made to their representative that
they contact me, I no longer feel inclined to extend any further
courtesy or consideration than I have up 'til now.

So what you're looking at is an exclusive!  It's one of the pages
of the proposal submitted to Marvel, written and drawn by someone
who prefers to remain anonymous, and lettered by myself.  One of the
Marvel head honchos described the pages as "model comic art" (and
had a few nice things to say about my lettering as well) during a
'phone conversation with me a couple of years back.

I should make it clear that the above page (and the other ones yet
unseen) do not necessarily represent any plans Marvel may have for
the character or intended storylines - the writer/artist merely gave his
imagination free rein, unhampered by any corporate restrictions on his
creativity (because there were none).  Should Marvel ever get around
to doing anything with their CAPTAIN MARVEL imitation (the DC
COMICS one, formerly FAWCETT), it's highly unlikely that any
ideas or plotlines suggested in the sample pages will be used.
 So, with that in mind, enjoy the above page.


And it's just come to my attention that Marvel intends to
 make an announcement about the character soon. 

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