Saturday, 27 July 2013


Image copyright D.C. THOMSON & Co, Ltd

What you're looking at is BEANO sub-editor IAN CHISHOLM's first sketch of DENNIS The MENACE, drawn on a cigarette packet when the idea of the character was first being discussed.  (Followed by the first-ever strip drawn by DAVID LAW.)  The name was nicked from a once-popular song called DENNIS The MENACE From VENICE, about a gay gondolier, although obviously the word was used in its old-fashioned sense, and not in the way it's more often used today.

What with a gondolier and a sailor having such a hand in Dennis's 'birth', it's obvious that the young scamp must come from seafaring stock.  Maybe he'll join the navy one day.


(And, lest it isn't clear to some people, it's the gondolier called Dennis who I'm alluding to in the title of this post, not the famous comic strip character from The Beano.)

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