Tuesday, 9 July 2013


No, don't worry, the lovely CLEO ROCOS hasn't shuffled off this mortal coil - she's very much alive and kicking I'm extremely glad to say.  What has bitten the dust though, is a picture of her I cut from a newspaper and affixed to my wall around 1984 or '85.  (Could even have been '86, in the interests of accuracy, though adding another option hardly narrows it down.)

When I moved back to the house I'd lived in prior to the one in which I acquired the picture, it was affixed to the wall with all my other posters and pin-ups, and there it stayed until just a few hours ago.  Age had taken its toll on the newsprint paper it was printed on and it was showing signs of marked discolouration and fading.  Alas, it was in too poor a condition to make a copy on my scanner and print out a replacement, but luck was with me.

You see, back in the late '80s or very early '90s, I had taken a photograph of the picture on my wall, and I was able to scan this, enlarge it to actual size (of the original picture, not Cleo herself) and then print out a new image to replace the blank space on my wall.  It was with sadness that I bade farewell to the original piccie - after all, it had adorned my room for very nearly 30 years - but my grief was assuaged somewhat by the almost carbon copy image (printed on card) which replaced it. 

Of course, I could've simply affixed another, different pic, but I'm a creature of habit who hates change of any kind when it comes to my personal surroundings.  I like to have the familiar around me - and though some people say that breeds contempt, with me it breeds only peace and contentment.

So - Cleo's in her accustomed place and all's right with the world.  What more could a man want in life?  (I always was easy to please.  However, should the real, live Cleo want to give me a call, I'm sure I could make some space in my room for her.)    

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