Thursday, 4 July 2013


You're looking at a screen-grab from a video I made in 1991 of a house I once lived in nearly 20 years before. Helping me that day was my identical twin brother, GEORGE, who, thanks to my mum, dressed exactly the same as me from a young age.  "You're identical twins - so you should dress identical!" she'd say, with less than perfect grammar.  (That's me at the front, incidentally.)

It came in handy whenever we got up to individual mischief as teenagers, because the police could never charge either of us as they simply didn't know which one was the culprit.  Ah, what fun!  I remember once challenging six guys to a fight - then running 'round the corner of the lockups (where George was waiting) when three of them chased me.  Me and my brother then set about them, and they staggered back to their pals, saying "It's an ambush - there's two of them!" 

Of course, the above is all a total figment of my imagination (apart from making a video of my old house), invented purely for the purpose of seeing how much nonsense I can write and hopefully provide a chuckle for you in the process.  Next time, I'll relate how I single-handedly saved the world from the threat of destruction by a megalomaniac bent on global domination - and let my best pal JAMES BOND take all the credit.

Hey!  Where'd everybody go?


(Okay, so I lied about the twin.  Would you believe he's my Life Model Decoy?)

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