Sunday, 14 July 2013


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Oh, you lucky peeps!  A whole 11 JACK KIRBY classic comic
covers for you to MARVEL at!  (Pun?  What pun?)  Not only have
I presented you with #s 11-20, I've also thrown in the first ever FF
Annual from 1965.  You don't deserve me, you really don't.

So, my fellow fans, here's a question for your consideration.
Out of all 11 covers, which one is your favourite - and why?  (Or
is that two questions?)  Go on, don't be shy - astound everyone by
demonstrating your amazing artistic acumen in the captivating
comments section.  Trust me, you'll feel better for it.

And if you'd like to remind yourself of the covers to issues
1-10, you can do that very thing by clicking here.


DeadSpiderEye said...

I think somewhere on your blog I've come across a rather interesting analysis of the plot flaws in #16 although it's hard to be sure where I read it. I'm not sure if I commented there but I did mean to.

Kid said...

Actually, it was #19 I focussed on, in one of my Loopy Lapses In Logic Dept posts, DSE. And you did comment on it.

Comicsfan said...

You know, it didn't occur to me before now that those head shots of the FF on issue #11 would go on to be used in the title's trademark box when it would make its first appearance three issues later. Roy Thomas made a suggestion along the same lines, in one of his letters to the editor--I wonder if he thought they might have gotten the idea from him? :)

Kid said...

It's certainly possible that Roy did think such a thing at the time, if he saw his suggestion being made manifest. However, Spidey's corner box made its debut the same month, and I seem to remember reading somewhere that the corner boxes were Steve Ditko's idea. Anyone know for certain?

PhilSee said...

Great to see these so sharp and colourful - my fave would have to be the cover with the Hulk lurking just around the corner in wait for the unsuspecting FF. The colours of the characters really stand out on the grey background with the Thing and Hulk both with raised fists in an almost mirrored pose. It would seem that Ditko is generally acknowledged as the creator of the Marvel corner box. A Google search brings his name in connection with them and it's also mentioned in Two Morrows 1960-64 volume of their American Comic Books history.

Kid said...

That's certainly a brilliant cover, Phil. Regarding the corner boxes, that confirms my notion, but I wonder if Ditko perhaps might've read Roy's suggestion in the mag it appeared in? Unlikely I suppose, but one never knows, eh?

baab said...

I cant pick a favourite .
While having a good look at them I was impressed by number 18 and the Things brickwork.
A lot less time was spent looking at how well drawn Namors arse is on number 14.

Kid said...

Baab, in all the years I've been familiar with that cover, I don't think I've once looked at Namor's @rse. Took a look seeing as you mentioned it, and the only thing that struck me was that ol' Subby must be a Simon Cowell fan. Look how high his waistband is.

(And look at that profile of Susie - I'll take her, you can have Namor.)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and apparently ol' Subs buys his hats at the same store as Odin.

Nick Caputo said...

Hi Kid,

I'd probably pick # 16 since I'm a sucker for oversized villains on covers. It's also a simple but effective cover image. However, a sentimental favorite is the cover to # 20, since it was the first issue in the collection of my older brother John. I recall being fascinated by the opening scenes with the Watcher. To a five or six year Kirby's artwork was compelling and somewhat odd. It drew me in all those years ago and never let go.

BTW, Ditko did invent the corner box and was credited in an early FF letters page.

Kid said...

Where've you been hiding, Nick? Haven't heard from you in an age. Regarding #20, I first saw the cover (and read the tale) in MCIC #14 (I think), and Kirby's art was, as you say, compelling. A few years ago, The Kirby Collector published my inked version of the unused cover to FF #20 - it's on the blog somewhere, if you haven't seen it.

As for Ditko and corner boxes, that must be where I read it, as the letters pages are presented in the FF Omnibus editions.

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