Sunday, 21 May 2017



                                           Doctor Who was in his TARDIS,
                                           which can move through time and space.
                                           Thought he'd go and tease The Daleks,
                                           self-appointed 'Master-Race'.

                                           Off he went to Planet Skaro,
                                           spinning through the endless void.
                                           Righting wrongs while facing danger
                                           were the things he most enjoyed.

                                           When he landed he soon noticed
                                           what a fearful place it was.
                                           But the Doc was used to walking      
                                           into danger's gaping jaws.

                                           Off he marched to find their city,
                                           when he got there, no surprise -
                                           Daleks soon had him surrounded,
                                           ray guns waving, stalks for eyes.

                                           But the Doctor, nothing daunted,
                                           (did you know he's got two hearts?),
                                           had a lethal secret weapon
                                           known as Gallifreyan farts!

                                           Stuffed his face before he landed
                                           with a dozen tins of beans.
                                           Knew he'd need a huge advantage
                                           to defeat those Dalek fiends.

                                           Popped off farts in all directions -
                                           My!  Did those guffs really rate.
                                           Solid objects?  Easy targets!
                                           Farts they can't "exterminate".

                                           Soon the Daleks were in turmoil,
                                           trapped within their metal shells,
                                           There was simply no escaping
                                           nauseating farty smells.

                                           He was soon back in the TARDIS,
                                           showed those Daleks he was smart.
                                           They'll give him a wide berth next time -
                                           now they know Time Lords can fart.

                                           As he travelled in his TARDIS,
                                           put his feet up, drank some tea.
                                           That's the way it really happened -
                                           just as he told it to me.


John Pitt said...

You have just sullied my entire childhood, you rude man!
( Ha, ha ! )

Kid said...

Moi? Nobody's taking credit for relating the Doctor's story, so don't blame me, JP.

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