Friday, 26 May 2017



A tenuous connection to BATMAN to be sure -
and can they accurately be called specs when they have
no glass to enable the wearer to see?  Ah, but what about
X-Ray Specs you ask - they had no glass either.  True,
but they did enable the wearer to 'see' things differently,
and at least they looked like specs.  Anyway, I'm sure I
had a pair of the above 'specs' when I was a kid.  Did
any of the rest of you?  Do tell in the CS.


TC said...

Never saw these before. But then, there was so much Batman merchandise in 1966-67, it would have been easy to overlook some of it.

Kid said...

It's always possible that they were only sold in Britain, TC, which might explain why you never saw them.

John Pitt said...

I am STILL interested in purchasing a pair of X-Ray Specs that really work!
For purely scientific reasons, of course!

steve said...

Yeah kid I had a pair of them in 66 got them from Woolworths I think. Thought I looked really cool in them at the time oh the folly of youth

Kid said...

I think we'd all be interested in a pair like that, JP. Let me know if you ever find them.


You're telling me, S. I had a homemade Batman costume that really sucked, but I thought I was the real deal.

Phil S said...

Hey my mom had to make me a homemade Batman cape. I still have the photo.

Kid said...

My Batman cape was a black raincoat with the sleeves pulled outside in, PS. What's worse is it had a checked lining.

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