Thursday, 13 October 2016


The FLINTSTONES copyright HANNA-BARBERA Productions

Well, of course the FLINTSTONES couldn't ever meet FRANKEN-
STEIN and DRACULA, mainly because the former are supposed to have
lived in the prehistoric age, whereas the famous terror twosome didn't come
along until centuries (if not millennia) later.  In the same way, it's impossible
for the Flintsones to have observed Christmas or Easter (either in the TV
show or in comicbooks), as neither of those traditions existed at the time.
Yeah, I know - I'm being pernickety.  In the accompanying tale, the duo
 and their chums are transported back to the past via a time machine,
making my opening observation just a little redundant.  Ah, well.

So read on and enjoy Fred and his family meeting Frankie
 and Drac, plus two of their other manic monster mates.


TC said...

I had this one, but the only parts I remembered were the cover, and that gag about the Mummy must have been in an accident. "Yes. A fatal one."

I don't remember the Flintstones ever celebrating Easter, but I remember a Christmas episode where Santa Claus was injured or something, and Fred had to drive the sleigh and make the deliveries. (It might be easier to make a list of cartoon characters who have not substituted for Santa and saved Christmas). When I was five or six, I never wondered about them celebrating Christmas B.C.

Kid said...

I'm sure I've seen the Flintstones with Easter eggs at some stage, TC, but it may well have been in a comic as opposed to the TV show. I'll amend the post to reflect this. ( (I know Yogi Bear had an Easter special 'cos I've got it.) Of course, as Fred and Co had TV, telephones, record players and cars before they were invented, I suppose them celebrating Christmas isn't so far-fetched as it first appears.

Colin Jones said...

Well, if we're allowed to be pedantic - Dr. Frankenfurter wonders what Mankind will be like in "the 20th Century" which is a meaningless phrase in a time millenia before Christ. Also, the Frankenstein monster is called Frankenstein or Franky when, of course, Frankenstein was the scientist not the creature. And how are the Flintstones speaking English thousands of years before the language evolved - and how are Dracula and Frankenstein...I mean the Frankenstein monster...speaking English considering they were both European ?

Kid said...

Obviously the time machine had a built-in translator that enabled everyone to understand one another, CJ. Of course, you have to ignore the fact that Dr. Frankenfurter wouldn't be able to invent a time machine because the technology didn't exist back then to do it. And why is Fred wearing a tie? What most of us forget is that The Flintstones was originally aimed at adults as a satire on 20th century living, so that's why there are all kinds of primitive versions of 20th century technology and styles.

On the point of the monster (or 'creature' as he was called in Shelley's novel) being called Frankenstein, it's actually quite legitimate in my view (and that of others) to refer to him (or he to himself) as such, because Dr. Frankenstein was essentially his father and sons usually have their father's surname.

Paul McScotty Muir said...

Nice little comic, I always liked these US cartoon based comics some lovely artwork - There were certainly Flinstones comics I have seen a few of these but cant recall a cartoon either.

Kid said...

These sort of comics were the only way kids could connect to their favourite cartoon characters back in the '60s, PM. Nowadays, with DVDs, I'm not sure they'd be as popular as they once were with kids. They would be with me, but as we all know, I'm special.

Paul McScotty Muir said...

Sorry, I meant to type "there were certainly Flinstone's Easter comics but I cant recall a Flintsone's Easter cartoon show either" I really should stop using my Tablet to communicate . Yes you are "special" :)

Kid said...

Well, my teachers always said so. And they should know, they taught at a special school. (Boom-boom!)

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