Saturday, 8 October 2016


I've now not worked in comics for longer than
I worked in comics.  Wow!  A few people will regard
that as just cause for dismissing my 15 year career as in-
significant, and my place in the scheme of things as equal-
ly without note, but I think I had quite a presence back in
the day in weekly and monthly magazines - especially
for someone who was 'only a letterer' (as my small
band of detractors are fond of describing me).

Fact is, no one in comics is ever 'only' anything.
Quite a few writers can also draw (and vice versa),
and some letterers are involved in artistic areas outside
of the world of comics.  But I digress.  The reason for this
post is not to justify myself, but to express my amazement
that li'l ol' me worked on some of the most famous British
titles of the time.  EAGLE, TIGER, BUSTER, WOW!,
etc., to say nothing of characters from deceased
comics that continued in other periodicals.

SAMMY SHRINK, for example, started in
WHAM!, GUS GORILLA started in COR!!, and
JOKER started in KNOCKOUT.  Because I was also
a 're-size artist', I worked on the back catalogue of many
old characters, adapting them from larger-sized pages to
smaller ones for their reprint appearances in some of the
IPC comics libraries.  This involved not just 'cutting &
pasting', but actual drawing to facilitate a seamless
fit of diversely-shaped rearranged panels.

I sometimes feel like pinching myself when I
remember that I contributed to many comic charact-
ers of my youth, and that my name regularly appeared
in the best-selling IPC weekly boys comic of the time.  I
still get a bit of a thrill at seeing my name in new reprint
collections, and even in old comics in charity shops and
jumble sales.  So my comics career may be no more
(though I've been invited to return a few times),
but the fruits of my labours live on.

Hey, I'm happy with that!


(Obviously I never worked on the specific issues
featured in this post.  They are, it should go without
saying, merely for 'decorative purposes'.)


Jeff Austin said...

Even the guy peeling potatoes in the army is serving a needed function. :)

Kid said...

Well, they say that an army marches on its stomach, JA, so you're entirely correct.

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