Saturday, 13 August 2016


I've been needing a new bed and mattress for a while now,
so when the above leaflet came through my letterbox last week,
I decided to check it out on the night.  I popped along to where
the 'event' was being held, and was slightly disconcerted to see a
couple of bored-looking guys in a small ante-room with a couple
of beds on display.  However, the guy I spoke to seemed okay,
and the goods were at an acceptable price.  And it was
'pay on delivery' so what could I lose?

My time, my bed, and the will to live as it turned out.  On
the appointed day of delivery, I got a 'phone call from the guy
I'd spoken with a couple of nights before.  They didn't have the
exact model I'd ordered in the colour I wanted, so would a one-
drawer divan be acceptable, instead of a two?  It was ever-so-
slightly cheaper, so I was tempted, but decided to plump
for a different colour of the original model.

I threw out my old bed in the back garden to make room
for the new one.  It was pouring of rain, so no way would it be
coming back into the house.  A few hours later, I receive another
'phone call, with some cock-and-bull story about the warehouse
being closed and the delivery driver not having the key.  I never
let the guy finish, as it was obvious where things were going.
"Just cancel it" I said, "I'll get one elsewhere!"

Without a word of a lie, when I ordered the bed, I had
half-a-notion that I'd be getting a 'phone call on the day with
some excuse-or-other as to why they couldn't deliver it.  I'm a
natural cynic though, so I beat down the small voice in my nog-
gin and tried to be positive.  On the day, that voice resurfaced,
so I wasn't surprised to be disappointed, as I'd half-expected
it.  I was still disappointed at being disappointed though,
as I'm not too keen on sleeping on the floor.

My advice to you, should you ever receive one of
these leaflets from this company, is to bin it.  Honestly,
 you don't need the bleedin' hassle - nobody does. 


DeadSpiderEye said...

Were do you sleep now your old bed is ruined?

Kid said...

With Annabel Lee.

Colin Jones said...

Never throw out your old bed till you've got the new one. I've had my current bed since March 1992 and it's still OK. But I wouldn't have cancelled so quickly, they probably would have delivered it the next day.

Kid said...

They'd assured me on Tuesday that they'd deliver the bed on Thursday night at 7.30 p.m., CJ. I impressed upon them that anything other than that would be no good to me as I was desperate for a good night's sleep. They assured me several times that there would be no problem. I moved my old bed out back on Thursday afternoon after speaking with the guy on the 'phone, who again assured me that the bed and mattress would be delivered that night. I had to move the old bed first so that the new one could be moved right into place when it arrived without any @rsing about. His excuse for not being able to deliver didn't ring true to me and his promises were obviously not worth a fig. It's more than likely he'd have said Monday at least, but I don't take prisoners when someone blots their copybook with me.

Bought a new bed and mattress today, just had a kip on it - excellent! 'Twas cheaper too.

Phil S said...

Dude! You should have known better than to throw out the old bed. would you throw out your old umbrella before you got a new one?

Kid said...

Sure would, Phil, if it was broken and letting in the rain. No point keeping an umbrella that doesn't do its job. The bed was well-worn, and the mattress useless, so I couldn't get a decent sleep anyway. And I repeat, the bed was moved on the same day that the new one was expected. Couldn't move the new one into place if the old one was still there, and the delivery guys wouldn't have moved the old one. And if the new one was put in the hall first, I couldn't have got the old one past it. There is method in my seeming madness you know.

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