Monday, 8 August 2016


From SMASH! & POW! #140, cover dated October 5th 1968,
comes KEN REID's The NERVS.  In later years, Reid often confused
this strip with GEORGIE'S GERMS (which I don't think he ever actually
drew), resulting in some modern-day comics commentators doing likewise.
(The strips were similar, hence the easy confusion.)  I suppose this strip
was ODHAMS' answer to DCT's The NUMSKULLS (drawn  origi-
nally by MALCOLM JUDGE), though The BEEZER strip never
rose to the visual extravagance so evident in The Nervs.

Anyway, enjoy the pages, and feel free to comment.


Philip Crawley said...

Read, enjoyed and now for a comment. Great start to the day (as I sit reading this at the office during my morning tea break), with some more Ken Reid mayhem. He certainly had a flair for the grotesque and the absurd, much to our amusement. Have these ever been part of a collected (albeit limited run) book in the manner of Frankie Stein?

Kid said...

I believe everything Ken Reid did for Odhams and IPC has been collected in the form you mention, PC. More Ken Reid art coming soon, you'll be glad to hear (or read).

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