Saturday, 20 August 2016


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Here's one of semi-regular commenter CJ's all-time favourite
super-teams - second only to the original X-MEN, who he's like-
wise a big fan of.  (I got that right, Col, didn't I?)  Kidding aside, we
now turn our attention to the final fab nine covers in our gallery of
MARVEL's The CHAMPIONS.  Any further comment by me
would be superfluous - so let's just look at dynamic art.

However, if you'd like to reminisce about when you first
read these issues, the comments section awaits your input.


Colin Jones said...

Kid, you mentioned in a previous comment that the Champions had been in Marvel Superheroes - I'd completely forgotten about that. I only remembered the Avengers and Ms. Marvel being in Marvel Superheroes - I must have thought the Champions were so dull that I forgot I'd ever read them :D

Kid said...

Och, you're not fooling anyone, CJ. We all know you're a huge Champions and original X-Men fan. Admit it, or you'll go to the bad fire. (You'll know, of course, what I refer to as we also all know your favourite book is The Bible (which you read every night). And I bet you've also got a complete run of 2000 A.D. secretly stashed away somewhere.

Or maybe that's the CJ on Earth 2 I'm thinking of?

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