Sunday, 7 August 2016


It's been a while since we looked at any KEN REID art, so here's
an episode of QUEEN Of The SEAS from SMASH! #5, cover-dated
March 5th 1966.  Reid's art was a delight when he was at the height of his
powers, and he was certainly firing on all cylinders when he drew this strip.
Sadly, towards the end of his career, while he was still capable of rendering
the fine detail for which he was famous, the 'life' somehow seemed to have
gone out of his drawings, leaving his pages somewhat stilted.  However,
by then he'd done more than enough to ensure his place in the top
tier of British cartooning greats.  All hail the mighty Ken Reid!


Philip Crawley said...

Good to see one of these again for a bit of a Ken Reid fix. Noticed his signature quite plain to see on the 2nd page. Did he sign all of his work and sometimes it was removed prior to press, or did he only autograph the ones he was happy with? Thanks for posting.

Kid said...

I used to have quite a number of pages of Ken's original art, PC, and if I recall correctly, it was all signed, 'though his name had been whited out in a few of them. I don't know if he signed all of them throughout his career at IPC 'though. He may have eventually given up when he saw that his name wasn't appearing in the printed comic.

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